New Mom Destiny wrote in, asking for suggestions for a new haircut:
“Hi Tammy, I recently came across your blog and I love it(especially the hair makeovers)! I am a new mom to a sweet 3 month old little boy, and I am in desperate need of a hair makeover. I have had the same hair style since high school. Its time for a change, and its too much work when I just end up tieing it back anyways(it just hangs in my son’s face or gets in the way during diaper changes). I would like a hair style that is short enough to wear down when I want to, trendy, but also low maintenance.”

This is a common concern among new Moms!  It used to be that after childbirth, women were relegated to ponytails, buns, or super-short cuts.  But there are so many options!!  It is a good, practical rule of thumb to keep it long enough to tie back, or short enough not to be pulled by your little Angel.  It sounds like Destiny would prefer the latter, so let’s look at a few possible choices:

I would recommend keeping the hair/layers around the face long enough to tuck behind your ears.  This allows you the freedom to cook, change diapers and work on craft projects without hair hanging in your eyes, but you will still have the option of flattering, face-framing layers when you pull them out.

For a quick, effortless style, try Matte Sea Spray, which gives texture and volume to even the finest locks!  Spray evenly throughout towel-dried or already-dry hair.  Scrunch and/or blow-dry gently to build maximum volume.

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