Are you remembering to be grateful for your every day blessings?

If not, I encourage you and your family to throw a mini-celebration just to celebrate every day life! Make or buy some yummy cupcakes, get some party hats and blowers to add to the excitement and enjoy a few moments talking about all the good you have in life.

Recently my daughter had some trouble with her insulin pump and we ended up in ER getting her IV fluids. Nights like that make me grateful for the uneventful days, the love of my family and friends, my life. I don’t celebrate it enough and so we changed that by having our mini-celebration!

We picked up gluten-free cupcakes from an awesome local bakery, Muffin Top. While sugar-filled cupcakes are not ideal for a Type 1 Diabetic with Celiac, they are not ideal for ANY of us but sometimes you just need to enjoy a treat!

What are you celebrating? Think about all the wonderful things you have, even in the midst of life’s struggles, and get that party started! Do it this week, do it weekly! Studies show that those who are grateful are happier. Life gets busy so sometimes you just have to schedule it in!

Enjoy a daily dose of indulgence with Limited-edition Chapstick Cake Batter and Velvet Cupcake flavors.

100% Indulgence, 0% Guilt!

Pick up a few to keep on stock (the are limited edition!) or give as gifts! They are super yummy smelling with a taste of sweet. I love the tint of color Red Velvet leaves on my lips, it’s just a slight stain of red, giving a gorgeous natural look!

Available until April 15 at Walmart.

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Thanks to Chapstick for sending over our party supplies and Chapstick samples! We love!


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