Olympian and Mom, Dara Torres is an inspiration to moms and women around the world! Eight years after retiring and two years after giving birth, Torres is the first U.S. swimmer to compete at five Olympic Games and oldest woman ever to make the U.S. Olympic swim team. She has become a testament of dedication, passion and willpower.

“It’s sort of bittersweet for me because I’ve made my fifth Olympic team, but I’m going to be away from my daughter for a month and that’s really hard emotionally,” Torres said. Dara said she is a mother first and considers herself a “working mother” with an incredible team of supporters.

Always the “mom”, Dara alerted officials and swimmers prior to the 50-meter semifinals that Sweden’s Therese Alshammar had torn her suit and was changing. What sportsmanship! What character! What a mom!

Watch Dara go for her first individual gold on Saturday in the 50-Meter Finals. Dara posted the fastest time in Saturday’s semifinal heats. Dara has 10 Olympic medals from previous Olympics (including a silver medal in Beijing, having anchored the U.S. women in the 400 free relay).

From one mom to another, I’m cheering for you Dara! What an inspiration you are! Go for that Gold!

I’ve read in a variety of places that moms all over the nation are inspired to start up their fitness routines and go for their dreams! If you have been inspired by Dara, leave me a comment and tell me what you are inspired to do.

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  1. Tammy

    Many congratulations to Dara for finishing the Beijing Olympics with 3 silver medals! You Rock Dara! Thanks for being an inspiring mom to all of us Moms in Red High Heels! 😉

  2. Tammy

    BTW, readers, did you check out the video? Anyone else that flexible?