I was recently introduced to the MOST AMAZING hair tool!  It’s called hairfreé™ and it offers a multitude of wonderful details. I will never blowdry my hair again without one when I want a sleek, straight look!

Beneficial features of hairfreé™:

  • The best feature of this brush, in my opinion, is the ceramic coated plates (the black part you see in the pictures)that get hot enough, when used with a blow dryer, to create the same sleek, shiny look you get when you blow dry and use a flat iron! I know, crazy right? But it’s really true! For best results, heat up the brush with your hair dryer prior to blow drying, and dry in small sections just as you would when you use a flat iron. I’ve even dried my hair when it’s just damp and saw the same beautiful results (usually I’d be left with a lot of wave and frizz that I’d have to use a flat iron to tame).
  • before_hairfreeafter_hairfree

    My hair in it’s natural state and after I dried my hair using only my blow dryer and the flat hairfreé™ brush.

  • The difference in heat between a blow dryer and flat/curling iron is very substantial and that heat is potentially harmful to hair. “The newer flat irons that have a ceramic coating instead of a metal one are marketed as providing more rapid and uniform heat transmission. While this allows for quicker straightening of the hair with less damage, it is really a classic case of buyer beware,” said Dr. Mirmirani, dermatologist. “We’re seeing that when these ceramic flat irons are used at the highest heat settings and on a daily basis to achieve straight hair, they can really take a toll on the structure of the hair and cause very noticeable problems that can be hard to repair.” Use a hairfreé™ to eliminate some of that heat damage by not having to double heat process your hair!
  • hairfreé™ brushes can be used as a regular styling brush or a vent brush! They are available in round brush or flat brush styles.
  • hairfreé’™ is a very sanitary hair brush! Easy to clean by pulling the rod out or sliding the lever depending on which brush is in use. After you remove the unwanted hair, you can sanitize hairfreé™ by washing it with warm soapy water and then rinsing.  This video will show you how this brush is a self-cleaning styling brush!
  • Great for all types of hair from fine to coarse.
  • Extremely affordable option for those who want sleek hair without the huge investment a semi-permanent keratin hair treatment.
  • Great for moms with limited styling time since you can leave the flat iron out of the routine!
  • The flat brush has a mirror on the back of it so you can check your smooth results!

Not Without Fault:

While I very much LOVE this brush, there are two things I’d like to see changed with the design.

First, the bristles are very hard plastic.  If you have a sensitive head, this brush will need to be used in a gingerly manner.  I find that when I am styling my hair with the dryer, I am using the brush to bring my hair up and away from my head so it’s not touching my scalp but if I forget about the bristle issue and I go to smooth my hair with bristles against my head, I may brush too hard.  I’d love to see either a tip put on the bristle ends or a different bristle all together.

I also think the handle is too short.  Drying my hair slowly means a lot of hot air on my hand and it hurts!  Extending the length of the handle would be helpful in keeping my hand cooler during the styling process.

All in all, an amazing product, jam-packed with useful tools for styling and cleaning! I really liked the results on my hair!

Round Brush $15.95+S&H
Flat Brush $9.95 +S&H
Get Both Brushes $18.95 + S&H

hairfree flat brush with cleaning plate closed

Flat brush with cleaning plate closed

hairfree flat brush with cleaning plate open

Flat brush with cleaning plate open to eliminate hair from brush.  The hair is pushed to the end of the bristles for easy removal.

hairfree round brush with cleaning plate closed

Round brush with cleaning plate closed

hairfree round brush with cleaning plate open

Round brush with cleaning plate open for easy hair removal

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  1. Great review. Your after pic really does look like you used a flat iron. I have really long (down to the small of my back) and I have to clean my hairbrush every single time I use it so my brush doesn’t get crazy hairy, and matted. This seems like a good product to own, but I really like Your suggestions on the longer handle and different bristle–they sound like great upgrades.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this, hun. I hadn’t had a chance to try it out yet, but will give it a shot this weekend. I may try the round one, to see if I can get decent curl on the ends easily.

  3. Tammy

    Paula, please come back and give a full report on the round 🙂 I REALLY like what the flat brush does for my style.

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