I have a confession.  I love my hair curly.

A strange confession from a girl who gets Brazilian Blowouts, isn’t it?  The truth is, looking back over pictures of myself, the curly haired shots look the best.  Curls are sexy, fun and full of life! While the majority of my curls are created with the help of styling tools (I have wavy texture mostly at the back of my head, the rest is stick straight naturally), I now take the time to play them up whenever possible!

Curls are not without problems though, as you curly haired ladies know.  Dryness and frizziness are the two biggest complaints curls bring.  Unruliness is also a curl characteristic.  For those, I say, “PRODUCTS!”

Paul Mitchell has an amazing NEW line of products that hydrate, define, smooth, detangle and fight frizz! Look for the “curls” line starting in October!

Until then, participate in the Paul Mitchell Truth About Curls Facebook campaign.  Share your curl confession!  Women are sharing their frustrations and joys with their waves and curls. If you are a curly girl, you’ll find “your people there”! My favorite confession so far is, “I fry my curls with a flat iron most of the time because they are so unruly.” How many of you can relate to that? I hope that with this new line of products and some inspiration from the ladies who are loving on their curls, you’ll learn to embrace your natural curl!

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  1. I can soooo relate. My curly hair is not my favourite thing about me, but others seem to like it…perhaps it’s time to start seeing the beauty that they see…and Yes! I think products would help!!