Crepe Erase First Impression

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Crepe Erase First Impression |

As we age, we spend a great deal of time trying to prevent aging on our face.  We use many products, receive treatments at the dermatologist and maybe even do some facial firming exercises to help reduce the signs of aging.  With this anti-aging strategy, we many times forget about the skin on the rest of our body- the sagging skin above the knees; the loose skin under our chin; the thinning skin on the back of our hands.  No matter how good our face looks, the rest of our skin may be giving away our true age.

It doesn’t have to be that way!  You can start being proactive about it!

Crepe Erase is a product line designed to revitalize aging and crepey skin.  (Crepey is thin skin that has lost it’s elasticity.  It takes on the appearance of crepe paper- dry and crinkly.)

Crepe Erase First Impression |

The two-piece introductory system contains an Exfoliating Body Polish and an Intensive Body Repair Treatment.

Crepe Erase First Impression |

The two products work together. The exfolator preps the skin by removing any old skin cells away to reveal smoother skin. The repair treatment is a rich cream that contains rich ingredients to help smooth and tighten the crepey skin. It is super hydrating and keeps the skin protected all day. You only need to use a small amount with each application as the cream is rich and thick.

Both products contain TruFirm™, a breakthrough firming complex that helps promote healthy collagen and elastin for younger, smoother looking skin.

The cost is $39.95/month + s/h.

Crepe Erase First Impression |
With your purchase, you will also receive the Advanced Firming Eye Serum as a FREE gift.

I found that with my first use, my skin felt smooth and that the moisture was locked in.  There is a light fragrance but it’s not really noticeable upon application.  Because the cream is so rich, I think it will offer soothing relief to generally neglected skin.  I’m looking forward to using it on my neck/chest, the back of my hands and above my knees.  I’ll be posting before/after pictures in 2 weeks for you to see the results. [update: read my review here: Crepe Erase Review]

Will it work for you?

After 4 weeks, 94% of women reported their skin appeared plumper and more hydrated.
After 8 weeks, 88% reported that their skin appeared less like crepe paper skin. 86% said that their skin appeared renewed and rejuvenated.
*Based on Crepe Erase™ user perception studies. Individual results may vary.

Taking care of your skin is an important part of growing older.  Your skin will be happier and healthier with diligent care.  Now is the time to start!
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  1. Jennifer says:

    Not much of a review here, Tammy. It’s more of a well I applied a moisturizer and my skin is softer. I hope it really works.

  2. Jennifer, The review portion is coming later this week as noted in this blog post 🙂