A distressed reader writes in regarding her recent Keratin Complex by Coppola treatment results. We all know how distressing hair can be at times, especially when you spend a lot of time and money on it and it doesn’t look exactly the way you had hoped it would. She is very disappointed and wonders if the weather plays a role in the treatment results. Our keratin hair treatment expert, Jordana Lorraine brings in a voice of reason, explaining the best way to approach the stylist about the situation and if having the treatment done over is a good idea:

Anne writes: “I had the Coppola Keratin Complex treatment done on Thursday pm. Was flat all weekend. Washed it this morning with Coppola products. Then, the frizz is back. So disappointed… Can I redo process tomorrow. Was it because the weather is so hot and sweaty? Is it irreversible?”

Jordana Lorraine replies: It is tough to know for sure what went wrong, but it definitely warrants a return to the salon. I would suggest calling to schedule a consultation; if you just stop by and/or expect a service to be done right away, you may put the stylist in a defensive, crisis-response mode and prevent him/her from properly researching the situation. Once she has seen your hair (after) she can contact Coppola for technical advice on what might have been the problem, how to adjust it and when it will be safe to perform the service again. On some hair types, overloading on keratin can cause it to become brittle, which of course you do not want. I have only heard of one instance in which the weather may have been a factor, and it involved the client leaving the product in her hair for much much (much!) longer than the recommended 72 hours. I understand the panicky feeling of something going wrong, but if you allow your stylist the time to learn what will be the best approach, both you and your hair will be happier in the long run!

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Before you panic about your next hair mishap, take a deep breath and consult someone with more knowledge on the topic than you have.  Get a second opinion.  Don’t do anything drastic until you’ve had some time and gathered some information or you may end up creating more damage!

We all wish you good luck Anne!

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  1. I got a keratin hair treatment on Friday afternoon and went to a show Saturday night I was sweating alot, the hair around my face stated to curl the next morning I re flatironed those pieces of hair. I am freaking out, did I ruin my hair, will the effect of the treatment be reversed?!?!