Formaldehyde-free Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Alternatives

Pure Brazilian Clear
Pure Brazilian Clear

After a few years of soaring populaity, Brazilian Blowout and the keratin treatment industry came under fire regarding ingredients that could be potentially dangerous.  Methylene glycol, which releases formaldehyde when heated, is present in varying concentrations in most of these products, causing concern over their safety.  The debate continues; although air testing has shown most products to be safely within guidelines, and filtration options have become widely available to salons to help control fumes, many concerned clients, stylists and salons are seeking alternative treatments.  There are now several options on the market that do not contain any methylene glycol, however their efficacy can vary greatly. Some are better for certain hair textures, or add great shine but don’t help much with controlling curl, and while none of them can replicate the exact same results as the original Brazilian Blowout or keratin treatments, they definitely have their place in the salon. Some are safe for children, which is a common inquiry, and some are even safe while pregnant and nursing!!

Other benefits to this new generation of treatments?  Lower heat settings–most of these treatments are performed using a flat iron on lower heat settings than traditional smoothing treatments, and do not require the 1-4 day waiting period before washing your styling your hair, that most keratin treatments do!

So leave it to me…the keratin treatment geek…to try a slew of them, and report the results to you!  My rating system is based on comparing the products’ results on multiple criteria, against each other and against the results I have seen from Brazilian Blowout and/or keratin treatments on the same hair types, and when possible, the same hair (many of my test models have had multiple treatments over the past few years.)

One important note to make is that none of these products are marketed as straighteners, a common misconception about smoothing treatments.  Even original strength keratin treatments are not straighteners, though many can reduce curl significantly.  This new generation of treatments is generally not as effective in that area (which could be a pro for some, or a con for others,) but some of the treatments can help control or reduce curl, and each product’s ability to do so will be rated individually.  As with any hair treatment, outcome can vary based on hair type, processing and aftercare.  A note to stylists: please take the time to learn each product’s recommendations and procedures before doing them; they are not all the same, and focusing on the little details can make a big difference in the results!


Pure Brazilian Clear:


1. Before Pure Brazilian Clear (client had previously used other keratin treatments, causing the straighter ends you see here)
2. Before Pure Brazilian Clear
3. After Pure Brazilian Clear and fresh color, air-dried naturally
4. After Pure Brazilian Clear and fresh color, styled

Company’s Description: This salon proven, plant derived formula combines essential hair nutrients, fortifying amino acids, Brazilian keratin along with glyoxylic acid to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair without the use of any harsh chemicals. The perfect alternative for those who are looking for a softer, more voluminous effect.

Unique Active Ingredients:  Essential hair nutrients, fortifying amino acids, Brazilian keratin along with glyoxylic acid.

Stylist’s Review: Clear delivers a great result, beating out competitors when tested side-by-side; it reduced more curl and frizz than both Pravana Perfection SmootOut and Brazilian Blowout Zero, when compared side-by-side on the same client’s hair.  The treatment takes a bit longer than others, since it has a processing time, but the results are worth the wait!

Client’s Review: Both models brave enough to try the half-and-half experiment reported that even friends who didn’t know they had done it, noticed that one side of their hair was less curly/frizzy!

Curl Reduction:

Frizz Reduction: 

Soft Finish: 


Best Aftercare: Pure Brazilian shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning mask, available at salons offering the treatment. Lasts up to 12 weeks.

Standout Pros: Safe for kids, AND while pregnant or nursing!!

Cons: The processing time can be up to one hour, so bring a book or tablet to keep yourself busy.

Extra tip: Color should be done after the treatment, as it can cause more fading than some other treatments.  This is safe to do, and reversing the order with this product does not prevent color from penetrating sand depositing evenly.


Brazilian Blowout Zero Plus:


1. Before Brazilian Blowout Zero+, air-dried
2. After Brazilian Blowout Zero+, air-dried
3. Before Brazilian Blowout Zero+, air-dried
4. After Brazilian Blowout Zero+, styled

Company’s Description: A new & improved proprietary plant-derived Kerasafe™ Bonding System effectively deposits and seals essential amino acids onto the hair for a smooth, frizz-free surface.

Unique Active Ingredients: proprietary plant-derived KeraSafe™ bonding system

Stylist’s Review: Zero has a different texture than the original Brazilian Blowout, which may surprise BB veterans, but it is easy to work with.  Using too much product can cause an uncomfortable amount of steam, so even without the methylene glycol it is important the stylist applies only a small amount of product to the hair.  It gives beautiful results for many clients who want to reduce frizz and mellow out their curls, but keep body and wave.

Client’s Review:  “I walked in a frizzy mess and out with a beautiful head of hair!  I couldn’t believe how incredibly soft my hair was, AND frizz-less!”  This model also reported that even in the rain, her hair got wavier but did not frizz up.

Curl Reduction:

Frizz Reduction:

Soft Finish: 


Best Aftercare:  Brazilian Blowout Acai Aftercare products, available at Certified Brazilian Blowout salons. Lasts up to 12 weeks; as with any semi-permanent treatment, fading is most apparent towards the end of the cycle, but some models saw effects even after 12 weeks!

Standout Pros:  Proprietary plant-derived Kerasafe™, extraordinarily popular aftercare system including shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning masque and an array of styling products

Cons: has been critiqued by clients and stylists for not giving the same results as the original, mainly that it doesn’t remove as much curl


Liqwd Q-Keratin:

1. Before Liqwd Q-Keratin
2. After Liqwd Q-Keratin (+ a few sassy adornments!)

After Liqwd Q-Keratin Mini-Treatment

Company’s Description: “the healthy alternative” to a keratin treatment, to enhance shine, get rid of frizz, and make hair more manageable without flattening it out.  This product is NOT meant for curly-haired clients seeking straight, sleek hair.

Unique Active Ingredients: Quinoa!  Yes, THAT quinoa.  It provides a low-molecular weight protein/amino acid, which hydro-bonds the keratin in the product to the keratin in hair.

Stylist’s Review:  The full treatment did as promised; it didn’t remove curl, but definitely added lots of shine and helped control frizz for about 6 weeks.  The same product can be used for a mini-treatment, which provided my straight but flyaway-haired model with smooth, shiny locks for 3-4 weeks.

Client’s Review:  I had this treatment done on my own hair, and my curls were defined, but in a flexible way like I’ve never seen before; I could sleep on my curls, and they would still look good in the morning!  It was also crazy shiny!  Thank you to Rima Uranga of Salon by Maxine at 310-205-2370, for providing my Liqwd Q-Keratin teatment. The model I did for the mini-treatment (shown above) said, “I can’t believe how shiny and soft it is.  My haircut looks better, and I’ve gotten more compliments than ever!”

Curl Reduction (not the goal of this product):

Frizz Reduction:

Soft Finish:


Best Aftercare: Liqwd Q-Keratin Enhancing shampoo and conditioner, and Q-Keratin Longevity Serum, available at salons offering the treatment

Standout Pros: awesome shine and curl definition

Cons: results fade in 6-8 weeks, which is quicker than most other treatments; product must be left in hair for 4 days before washing, clipping or styling

Extra tip: Treatment can be repeated after 5 days for stronger, long-lasting results, so long as the hair can handle another flat-ironing.  Please not this still will not reduce curl.


Pravana Perfection SmoothOut:

1. Before Pravana Perfection SmoothOut
2. After Pravana Perfection SmoothOut

Company’s Description: new patent-pending innovation that instantly and safely transforms coarse, frizzy, hair to smooth and superbly shiny hair

Unique Active Ingredients: proprietary nano-amino acid complex that virtually alters the internal textural memory of the hair fiber to transform it to a smoother, frizz-free state

Stylist’s Review: Perfection SmoothOut is easy to work with, non-irritating and gives good results on a variety of hair types.  The company recommends an extended processing time for very curly or resistant hair, or even a second treatment, which can be done immediately after to intensify results. The hair can feel a bit dry/stiff afterwards.

Client’s Review: “This treatment definitely made a big change in my hair. The spring dropped out of my curl, and when I blow it straight it stays that way!”

Curl Reduction:

Frizz Reduction:

Soft Finish:


Best Aftercare: Pravana brand shampoo and conditioner, available at salons offering the treatment. Lasts 8-12 weeks.

Standout Pros: Safe for kids, AND while pregnant or nursing!

Cons: This product does not provide the shine or silky finish that others in this category do.

Extra tips: dark and/or vibrant colors should be done after the treatment, as it can cause more fading than some other treatments.  This is safe to do, and reversing the order with this product does not prevent color from penetrating sand depositing evenly.  Pravana Keratin Glazing can be done immediately after the treatment and/or color to provide a shinier/silkier finish.  Also, Pravana has just informed me that the hair can be combed through during the processing time to increase curl reduction.


Paul Brown Hapuna:

[Mild results could not be detected in photos]

Company’s Description: Hapuna provides a perfect balance of protein and moisture to hair, increasing strength and shine

Unique Active Ingredients:  Each product is created with pure hawaiian artesian water and sea essences

Stylist’s Review: similar to Japanese straightening in that it has a processing time during which you have to check the hair; the process is more complicated than most keratin treatments.

Client’s Review: the hair definitely felt softer, and looked shinier, but it didn’t change the curl much

Curl Reduction: 

Frizz Reduction:  

Soft Finish:


Best Aftercare: Paul Brown Hapuna products, available where the treatment is offered. The ‘natural straightening mist’ is a great detangler, and smells amazing (but doesn’t help straighten it more)

Standout Pros: amazing scent

Cons: very mild results


Yuko Anti-Frizz:

[Mild results could not be detected in photos]

Company’s Description: Anti-Frizz by Yuko is an innovative Japanese anti-frizz treatment, that will semi-permanently control frizz to make hair more manageable and healthy.

Unique Active Ingredients: silk, soy, wheat, meadow foam and palm oil. This products breaks only some of the hair’s bonds, unlike the Yuko Hair Straightening, which is permanent.

Stylist’s Review: the product is very creamy, applied like color and only has to process for 5-10 minutes

Client’s Review: the hair had a lot less volume after the treatment, but not a major change otherwise

Curl Reduction:

Frizz Reduction:  

Soft Finish:


Best Aftercare: Kokoro G shampoo and treatment, available where the treatment is offered

Standout Pros: safe on blonde hair, which the original Yuko treatment is not; less damaging than the permanent treatment

Cons: very mild results


Zerran RealLisse:

[Mild results could not be detected in photos]

Company’s Description: an alternative to harsh chemicals that gives you smooth, glossy, gorgeous hair without chemical worries or compromise

Unique Active Ingredients: this product is more about advertising what’s NOT in it: it is 100% vegan, botanically based, paraben free and sulfate free

Stylist’s Review: this product was a bit tough to work with; its viscosity is like water, which makes it difficult to apply neatly, especially as it is applied to dry hair. It sort of beaded up on the hair at times, instead of absorbing.  I found the overall process to be a bit tedious, which I normally do not shy away from, but in this case, I’m afraid the results didn’t make it worth the work.

Client’s Review: “I don’t see much of a difference.”

Curl Reduction:

Frizz Reduction:

Soft Finish:


Best Aftercare: Zerran haircare, available at salons offering the treatment

Standout Pros: 100% vegan, safe for children and while pregnant or nursing

Cons: takes longer than other treatments, results very mild


I have also read and heard some buzz about a product called CHI Enviro, but my attempts to contact the company for information, training and products were not successful.  I was contacted by Tela Beauty Organics BlowOut to include their product in my research, but unfortunately the rep did not come through with information, training or products, either.  Some of the products and services reviewed in this post were provided for my review and/or as a professional courtesy; this has had no bearing on my opinions or reviews.   Special thanks to Miwa of The Paint Shop, for her help as my stylist and her feedback on Paul Brown Hapuna, as well as Yuko Anti-Frizz! You can find Miwa at or at 323-658-1930.

This has been quite an adventure, and these experiments go back nearly a year.  Having tried several of these treatments on my friends, models, clients, and many of them on my own hair, the clear leader of the pack is Pure Brazilian Clear, winning 19 out of 20 possible stars!  It gave the best overall performance for the qualities clients look for most, and also lends versatility with different processing options for different hair types and results.

I am happy to be offering Pure Brazilian Clear, Brazilian Blowout Zero, Liqwd Q-Keratin and Pravana Perfection SmoothOut in my studio.  I also carry and use the original Brazilian Blowout, Global Keratin (now GK Hair) and Keratin Complex Original and Blonde formulas.  In other words…whatever your keratin/smoothing needs are, I can meet them!

Jordana Lorraine, Hair Stylist
Los Angeles, CA (Marina Del Rey)
Facebook           Twitter          Instagram          Pinterest

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  1. I would love to know how long the treatments last!

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  3. Great question, Lisa! I have updated the post with descriptions of lasting power, both as advertised and as I’ve seen in my own experiences.

  4. My salon is now using the Brazilian Blowout Zero and so far results are great. I like that they’ll be able to do it all in one session and I won’t have to go home with the stuff in my hair. My lifestyle doesn’t allow me to not pull my hair back for 3 days.
    I think Brazilian Blowout needed this change.

    Great, informative article

  5. Thanks, Marcia! “No Downtime” has been Brazilian Blowout’s biggest advantage over many other treatments since the start, and I am also glad there is still no waiting with the new product Zero!

  6. Extremely helpful for both the stylist and the client ~ Thank you!!

  7. Thanks for the informative article. It is good to have choices and alternatives as there are many different types of people and hair. Overall I LOVE the BB original as it gives consistent and predictable results and happy clients. It is also well within all safety requirements of OSHA, despite the false reports and fear mongering. The BB is the best breakthrough for unruly hair in decades and I will fight for the truth and our profession and my clients.
    Fear mongers cause more real disease than all the services we do put together. They should be held liable for illnesses caused by their fear mongering false reports, see The Nocebo effect …from Harvard

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  9. Cadiveu is toxic, might not contain any aldehydes yet it is still toxic. Many people have gotten sick from it and it will make your eyes tear. If you need ventilation or an open space to use any smoothing products then dont use them. Most of them are toxic dont believe the hype.

  10. @Style Please note that the review of Cadiveu in this post, is of their Acai Therapy treatment, not their Brasil Cacau. The Acai Therapy treatment contains no ingredients that are under scrutiny, an as stated above:

    “There is no discomfort with any fumes or steam created during the process.”

    No sickness, no eyes tearing up, and no special ventilation necessary. If you are looking for an alternative to the first string of smoothing treatments, this is the best one in my experience. I will soon be publishing a new post here, specifically about the Acai Therapy treatment.

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  12. Thanks for you reviews. I thought the Cadiveu Acai Therapy might be the one for me, until I saw this info on the OSHA website stating that Cadiveu Acai Therapy is one of the name brands that either contains formaldehyde or can expose you to formaldehyde during use, even though they do not list formaldehyde on their labels or MSDSs. Looks like I’m stuck with my frizzy locks and my flat iron for now. Non-frizzy hair is just not worth risking my health. Too bad it seems like as a consumer, you can’t trust the labeling on these products to be truly formaldehyde-free. Very disappointing.

  13. @CT @style & Jordana. First I want to Thank you Jordana for the education and the testing you do for this category. As a stylist and a user of both treatments with Cadiveu I understand that knowledge of any chemical is important and that things must be followed accordingly to manufacturer directions. @ Style @CT In Acai Therapy there are no aldehydes in any sort, and Cadiveu has addressed Osha with the issues and has proved what is in the bottle. For the msds sheet and for the test results please request it at Acai Therapy has been Dermatologist tested, it is Irritation Free, and There are no Aldehydes. They will be more than happy to provide any information you need to feel comfortable. In regards to the Brasil Cacau @ style, they have not denied that there is methylne glycol in the product. It does release formaldehyde traces during the procedure that with clear test results provided from the company again, it does state that it is 8 times lower than Osha’s regulations. As a stylist I believe that throughout any chemical procedure there should be proper ventilation, for not just this but also for color, perms, relaxers, etc. We should always be aware of what’s inside the bottle and guarantee the safety for clients by always following the manufactures directions. I do not feel watery eyes or any discomfort in the procedure. Its not the category to blame here but the people that misuse it and the companies that don’t tell what’s in the bottle and provide the support that is recommended. I respect and appreciate the company for the honesty and support thats available, and as always if your salon or you is not comfortable with something of any category don’t do it. Please contact the company for any additional support 877-408-2234 or email them. Thanks Jordana for all of your wonderful information you post, Have a great New Years!

  14. @CT Thank you for your contribution. I have just combed through the Cadiveu Acai Therapy MSDS (available to anyone by contacting the company directly at and compared it against the lengthy list of formaldehyde-producing ingredients shown at the link you posted. Acai Therapy does not contain any of them, so I am confused as to why the product was named in that link. Cadiveu proudly offers an open book of ingredients, MSDS and test results for their products.

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  17. Okay so just to double check, the cadiveu acai is safe for children but not for pregrant women?? It sounds like the best one on the list and I would love to start using it.

  18. @Dede Great question! The company does say it is safe for children, so long as they can sit for the treatment. They do caution, however, that childrens’ hair is not fully developed, and that adolescent hair is quite affected by hormones; this can affect the outcome, most specifically in that the waves can be harder to control. For children age 12 and above, the belnding method is approved (using some Acai Therapy and some Brasil Cacau, but remember that the latter does contain methylene glycol.)

    Cadiveu does not recommend either treatment while pregnant or nursing. Pure Brazilian, on the other hand, does state that it is safe during these times. I hope that helps!

  19. QUESTION: Curl reduction/straightening options while nursing?
    Hello! Thank you for all the great info!

    I have fine, very curly hair. I lost A TON of hair post-partum (looks like receding hair line in front!). My hair looks much better when I straighten it, but now that my new baby hairs are growing in they are impossible to straighten. They stick out through my straight hair!

    I would love to get a straightening or even just smoothing treatment to help these baby hairs through the “growing in” phase, however I’m still nursing.

    MY QUESTION — I know there are new non-formaldehyde treatments that are safe for nursing, but will they help straighten, or just reduce frizz?

    Also, my hair thins/falls out extremely easily (any switch in birth control, after both of my babies, stress, etc). Luckily it always comes back, but I’m worried that the keratin will cause my hair to fall out, too. I’ve read some posts of women complaining of hair loss after their second treatment, which I think is actually caused by the FIRST treatment, but only showing up 3 months later because 3 months is the cycle for hair loss (hair loss is 3 months post partum, too, etc).

    Would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

  20. @Jaime Good questions. As shown in the reviews above, Pure Brazilian Clear, Pravana Perfection and Zerran RealLisse all state that they are safe to use while pregnant or nursing. None of the products in this article are superb at straightening, but considering all the factors you describe I would not recommend something stronger during this time (a Japanese straightener, for example, would straighten but is also likely to damage your hair.) Fine, thinning or breaking hair is quite common post-partum, especially around the front hairline and temples; many Moms find bnags are a good way to hide this, and if yours are curly you could get a mini flat iron such as Pinkie by Hot Tools to manage it. Once you are finished nursing, and the hormonal cycle seems to have run its course, you should consult with a stylist in your area (I am in Santa Monica, CA and would love to see you if you’re nearby!) to determine what would be your best plan going forward. I hope that helps!

  21. i would like to ask if somebody tried the keratin cure with honey Brazilian zero formaldehyde type before?
    is it safe ?
    and what about after washing the hair , does it decrease the frizz or totally straighten the hair ?

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  23. Have you heard about Keratin Tropic by Lasio? it’s supposed to be 100% free of all aldehydes. Do you know if that’s true? I haven’t been able to find any salons that specifically offer the Pure Brazilian Clear treatment.

  24. I have read so many comments and articles about these treatments but this is what I would like to know.

    I had my hair done with brasil cacau about a year ago and I had the best results ever, I loved it.
    However, it’s been a year since having it done and now I am left with wispy, dry, snapping hair. My hair is in far worse condition then it has ever been. I am trying to get my hair back to a healthy condition so that I can get the brasil cacua done again. But I am concerned that if I get it done again and when it wears off will my hair continue to get drier and more wispier and therefore continue to snap. But I was thinking that if I don’t let it wear off and continue to get the treatment done then maybe my hair will stay nice? I don’t care how much I spend on my hair I just want nice hair again! Should I get it done again or just leave it?

    Has anyone else had this problem??? Can anyone help me??? Thank you!!

  25. @Kristin I am sorry to hear of the problem you are having! Brasil Cacau is not one of the treatments reviewed here, however I am familiar with it and have never seen it cause any problems like you describe. Nor have I seen the results last this long, so it seems unlikely your symptoms were caused by the treatment. It sounds like you are experiencing an unrelated issue with hair/scalp health and growth. A Doctor can test your vitamin levels and endocrine system, two common factors in the symptoms you describe. Don’t be alarmed, but I would suggest approaching the hair issue from a medical standpoint before having any chemical treatments.

  26. @ Kristen, I would recommend calling the office to the distributor for the US, they will be more than happy to answer anything you need to know in regards to Brasil Cacau 818-905-5999. Brasil Cacau or keratin treatment stays within the hair 3-6 months depending on porosity, texture, and density. It does not break down disulfide bonds within the hair so it cannot be the treatment that is causing your hair to feel compromised. The biggest message that I think that is important when it comes to these treatments is that all keratin treatments are temporary and do not repair the hair permanently. It is crucial that your hair is hydrated and moisturized before doing a keratin treatment so that the treatment can seal the moisture in. If the hair is too dehydrated and brittle to begin with a keratin treatment can actually dehydrate the hair more and not allow moisture to penetrate until it has left the hair. This is all something that your hair dresser should discuss through a consultation. Clients who get the treatment never realize how frizzy or dry their hair is in the beginning, then they get the treatment and they love the new feel, and once the treatment leaves their natural hair texture comes back and they think that the keratin treatment made their hair feel bad. When in reality they just forgot how bad their hair felt in the beginning. In any case I recommend calling the distributor if you have questions and seeing a doctor as Jordana suggested and make sure everything is ok 🙂

  27. Hello,
    So I have a couple question hopefully you can help. This past Sunday my daughter had the agave smoothing treatment done, it seemed to me that the hair stylist was inexperienced with the treatment . We where in the middle of it so there wasn’t much I can do. She said it would straighten my daughters hair ( it didn’t ) she cut it first and by the time she was done her hair is now above her shoulders ( 7 incjes off) she biracial and her curls were a lot more defined but in the last 2 years it has just been extremely frizzy. She is 8 years old and she hates it so much, I feel so horrible for her. I’m try to find a straighting product that is safe for her . I don’t want to have to daily flat iron her hair.
    Please help I’m desperate!

  28. @Steph I am sorry to hear about your daughter’s experience. Agave Healing Oil Treatment is not a straightener, however it can have significant curl-reducing effects on some clients. Your dissatisfaction with the haircut, efficacy of treatment, and stylist’s experience are something you should discuss with salon management. As for treating your daughter’s hair, if you are in the Los Angeles area I can recommend a stylist who uses Agave and works well with her hair type; if this is the case, please email me directly for her contact info (Jordana Lorraine at gmail.) If you are not in this area, you may wish to contact BioIonic, who makes Agave, for a recommendation.

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  31. Thanks for your great guide! Since you posted this have you found anything more about Chi Enviro. There are some great reviews on internet and then some stories of tremendous hair damage. Also, any info on Lasio Tropic?

  32. Thanks for sharing pics and reviews. I’ve been getting the keratin treatment done for a few years now, and recently used Peter Coppola’s new line of formaldehyde-free and aldehyde free products called Peter Coppola Keratin Concept. I just recently had the in-salon Keratin Treatment and love it. It is good for all hair types, and doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals found in other Keratin Treatment products. It has been the best I’ve used by far! You can learn more on the official Peter Coppola site, they have the MSDS and ingredients listed there too…

  33. Thank you, JC! I never did hear back from Chi, and since I’m pleased with what I have and use, I haven’t pursued them. I haven’t heard of Lasio Tropic, and doont recall seeing it at the trade shows or educational events I’ve attended. Pure Brazilian, however, has improved upon their Clear formula even more, since this post was published. Please see a review of the new Clear at

  34. Hi Jordana, just wondering if you’ve heard of Dióra professionnel keratherapy and whether it’s safe for pregnant/nursing mothers? I’m so tempted to get the treatment but wouldn’t want to risk my baby’s health just for the sake of beautiful hair!

  35. Thanks, Jordana! Yeah he’s only 3 months old now and i intend to breastfeed him at least 6 months, so guess i’ll steer clear of any keratin treatment for the time being just to be on the safe side. =)

  36. I posted a question back in January and just wanted to say a big thank you to Jordana and DM for their comments, thank you your advice and comments really helped.

    In two days time I have booked in to get the Yuko anti frizz treatment and just wanted to ask what you thought of me doing this. I read the review and see that it is a mild treatment. I am still having trouble with my hair, it is still dry and some of it is snapping, but it is in much better condition then it was. I don’t bleach it any more and I have not had a Keratin treatment done to it in almost 2 years. However my hair is still frizzy and unmanageable. I thought of doing the Yuko anti frizz treatment as it is marketed as being safe on damaged hair, keratin treated hair and over bleached or processed hair. With this in mind I am willing to give it a try but just wanted to get your expert advice on the matter. The thing holding me back is that I know it is still a PROCESS that my hair will go through.

    Should I do it or hold off?

    I really appreciate your time and help on this matter 🙂

  37. Hi Kristin, I am glad to hear your hair is on the mend! I have not tried the Yuko Anti-Frizz treatment myself, so I am not familiar enough with the process to advise, especially without seeing and analyzing your hair. If you are in Southern CA, I would recommend booking a consultation with the stylist who tested the product for this post. Her name is Miwa and her contact info is at the end of the post. If you are in another area, I would suggest two courses of action:

    1. Find out from Yuko System which stylists in your area offer the Anti-Frizz treatment. Ask for the top three who use it the most, research those stylists online, and book a consultation appointment with one of them (or all if you have time).

    2. Research keratin smoothing treatment specialists in your area, even if they don’t offer the Yuko Anti-Frizz, and booking a consultation or two to see what they recommend for you.

    I wish I could offer a more definitive answer, but unfortunately the details of hair condition really must be observed and evaluated in person in order to determine strength and health.

    Best, Jordana

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  39. BoulderDiva

    What is the difference between Kerastraight treatment and the Bio Ionics Agave relaxing treatment? Does either have any of the aldehydes? What is the feedback on efficacy of relaxing for both?

    Thank you!

  40. Hello! I really want the Brazilian blowout it’s the original solution and I’m breast feeding… Should I stay away from it? Is it ok as long as I’m in a well ventilated area? Or could I wear a mask?