How To Combat Sun Damage

More excellent skin care tips from Dr. Jessica Wu, author of Feed Your Face. Dr. Wu has partnered with Aveeno to help us keep our skin looking youthful and fabulous. Find out, in the following video, what Dr. Wu suggests we eat to help with existing sun damage:

Aveeno Presents – Dr. Jessica Wu Tips & Tricks Part II from Ali Kalis on Vimeo.

The best way to avoid further sun damage? Stay out of the sun! Wear that sunscreen, pick out a cute hat, keep the shades close and stay under the umbrella, when possible!

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  1. Fel says:

    Love this post, thanks for sharing the tips! :)

  2. Reena says:

    I love this post! We should definitely protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays. Thank you for posting this. I really learned a lot. ;)

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