Combat the Signs of Aging Hair

Living Proof Timeless Collection available only at Ulta Beauty
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Are you to the age where you’re noticing pesky gray hairs popping up? As if they weren’t bad enough, your natural hair color is fading, your hair is noticeably drier and the texture is becoming more brittle. Hooray for aging, right? ugh! If this is you, I totally feel your pain. I have definitely noticed my hair is becoming drier and tangles more easily.

When you are in your 30’s, closing in on 40, your entire body starts to change. Once you hit your early 40’s, you barely remember what it was like to be 30 but you don’t remember having so much “texture” (wrinkles, dry skin, wiry hair, crepe skin).  It is time to start investing in anti-aging products and using them faithfully.

Did you even know there were anti-aging hair products?

The Living Proof Timeless Collection was created to combat and reverse the signs of aging hair so you can have healthy hair at any age!

Combat the Signs of Aging Hair |

The Living Proof Timeless™ Collection is powered by a Fortifying Complex, an advanced technology rooted in years of research.

It’s comprised of:

  • Amino acids: help strengthen and fortify
  • Ceramide-like lipids: keep the cuticle sealed
  • OF PMA + proteins: our Healthy Hair Molecule, the sciencesmooth to the touchcontrols moisture flux, keeps hair strong and repels dirt and oil so hair stays cleaner, longer

Combat the Signs of Aging Hair |

The full Living Proof Timeless Collection includes Pre-Shampoo treatment, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Plumping Mousse. The pre-shampoo treatment is recommended for those 30+ and the rest of the collection is recommended for those 40+.  The collection helps promote visibly healthier hair with every wash, making it more manageable and soft.

It is time to put the luster back in your aging hair with Living Proof Timeless.

Living Proof Timeless Collection is available only at Ulta Beauty.

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With age, there comes wisdom. Be wise and use a regimen of products that caters to your hair’s current needs.

Love, Tammy


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