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When you can’t see what you have, you can’t wear it! I run into this problem from time to time when my closet gets out of control. A couple of times a year, I go through it, purging and straightening. It feels so good to walk into a clutter-free closet and know exactly what my options are!

Jill Martin and QVC challenged me to a closet makeover using Jill’s line of closet makeover accessories. I was doubtful that a few new items would make a difference, but they really did!


Here is how I saved space:

  • To begin, I put the shoes that don’t have a box home in the adorable Shoe Bags and up on a shelf. I immediately had more floor space!
  • I transferred as many clothes as I could onto Jill’s Space-Saving Flocked Hangers. These are GOLD! I can’t wait to buy more for the rest of my things and for my husband’s side of the closet. Because they are flocked, my clothes don’t slip off and the flat design allows for more hangers per inch. I like how the bottom hangers interlock with the top hangers. I can now keep my go-to outfits hung together so I can get dressed faster in the morning!
  • I also received an adorable garment bag. Since I keep all of my outerwear downstairs in my office closet, I used this bag to hang a few of my casual layering jackets. Now I know where to search when it is a cool morning and I need an extra layer! I plan on using this bag when I travel or go on photo shoots as well. It protects clothes and is super stylish (so much better than plastic dry cleaning bags!)
  • The final piece I used was the fabulous Collapsible Printed Storage Ottoman you see. It is delivered flat but only takes a second to put it together. It is sturdy enough to use as a seat for putting my shoes on too! I currently have all my scarves stored in there. It is a fabulous print and a chic touch for my dressing area!

Are you ready for a closet makeover? Small changes make a huge difference!

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You can also see Whitney’s (from Mommies with Style) shoe storage makeover. Fabulous! Check out Jill’s blog for more closet makeover goodness!

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Love, Tammy


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