Send your kids' clothes to ThredUp

I know summer just started but can we talk about back-to-school for a moment?

While you are not in the mindset of back-to-school just yet, ThredUp is! They are asking for you to clean out your kids’ closets and send in their gently worn, like-new clothing.

You may be saying, “Gently used? Are you kidding? My kids wear their clothes out!”  I bet you once you start digging you’ll find some really great pieces to send in.  If your kids are like mine, they wear their favorites over and over again, leaving the rest of what is in their closet to be practically new.

And, ThredUp is willing to pay you for them!  They are preparing for back-to-school and need some fabulous clothes and shoes to sell!

That’s right, earn some summer spending cash and clear the closets.  It is a win-win!

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Visit and read about the brands they accept and the quality of clothing they are looking for.
  2. Order a Polka Dot bag to be shipped to you free.
  3. Load the bag full of great styles and ship it back to ThredUp for FREE,
  4. Wait for ThredUp to process your bag and enjoy upfront payout of your accepted items!
  5. You can spend the credit immediately on ThredUp or you can wait 14 days and cash out via Paypal.

Feel free to fill the bag with your fall clothes, shoes and handbags as well!  Just, be sure to check what ThredUp accepts first!

I’m packing up some clothes today and shipping them off.  I’ve sent in Polka Dot bags 3 times now and have averaged a payout of $76 per bag!  That is SO MUCH better than selling at a yard sale!

Clean your closets and earn cash on ThredUp

Get started now!


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