Clarity, One Thing and Sunglasses

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Do you dream of starting something new but can’t decide what exactly you want to do or how to get started? I totally understand, I’ve recently been to that space of “lack of clarity.” It has been at least two years of lacking clarity for me. Maybe longer.

  • I fumbled around with a new blog but just couldn’t get my ideas on the page the way I wanted to.
  • I changed up what I wrote here on A Mom in Red High Heels but didn’t receive the audience response I expected.
  • I finally took a part time job to help pay bills while I toyed with idea after idea.

I’m sure you have heard the quote, ” Clarity comes from action not thought”?

Me too. I heard it a lot but I didn’t act on it. I stayed in confusion. Deep, deep confusion.  What, oh what, did I want to do with my life?

I know that my number one priority is my family. I spend a lot of time volunteering at the school my kids attend.  I know that I want to be an entrepreneur, not an employee. I know that I want to work around my schedule, not on someone else’s schedule. I know that I want to teach my children how to run a business in case they ever decide to become an entrepreneur. I know I want to leave a business that my kids can take over or sell, whichever they prefer.  I know that I don’t want to be working outside the home when my husband retires.

All these pieces added up to one thing for me. Sunglasses.

I feel that God answered my prayers (my begging, really), when the idea of SoCal Sunnies popped into my head.

  • We live in Southern California and people love the IDEA of Southern California if they are not from here. If they do live here, there is a sense of pride for what our part of the state has to offer in activities (surfing, hiking, shopping, amusement parks, beach bumming, celebrity watching, eating a lot of good food, and so much more.)
  • I practically live in my sunglasses once I step outside my home.  It is ONE THING to focus on (if you are looking to start a business, read The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results before you get started)
  • We could run the business as a family and teach the kids how to start from scratch, start small and grow what we hope to be income to pay for their school tuition.

So, we agreed to start SoCal Sunnies.

  • Our motto is: “Enjoying the best SoCal has to offer while wearing really cool sunnies. Join us?”
  • Our models are moms and daughters that are friends of ours.
  • We have 7 awesome styles (in multiple colors) and each is named after a SoCal destination.
  • We offer FREE shipping on every order and our prices are totally affordable.
  • We send a special treat from SoCal with each order.
  • Our kids (ages 15 and 12) are 100% involved in the packing, shipping and customer service aspects of the business (some modeling and writing, too!)

We are quite excited and proud of our small business but the truth is, we need help.

We need YOUR help.

The World Wide Web is vast, very vast.  There are a lot of people to reach.  Would you help us reach those people by liking our social media pages, sharing our posts and visiting our website to see if there is a great pair of sunnies you simply can not live without?  They make great gifts (Easter baskets!) and of course, complete every outfit.

We hope you will find SoCal Sunnies charming and worthy of your share. We welcome your feedback and prayers for growth and success.

Here are our social media channels:


Facebook: /SoCalSunniesOfficial

Instagram: @SoCalSunniesOfficial

You’ll also notice a widget on the sidebar of A Mom in Red High Heels where I will be posting featured products. You can buy right from this website!

Thank you for being a part of our “higher business education” for our kids. I hope that we can serve you soon!

A sampling of our products:

Redlands Sunglasses from

“Redlands” Frames

Temeculas Sunnies from

“Temecula” frames

SOCal Coast frames from

“SoCal Coast” frames

See the rest on

P.S. If you do make a purchase and love your new sunnies, please post a picture on Instagram and tag us ( @SoCalSunniesOfficial) so we can see your awesome style and share!

Love, Tammy


Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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