A few weeks ago  Erin, from Salon Hive and My Hairstyling Tools, suggested a few new hairstyle options for Christine.  Christine wanted “Something easy to do and fast. But feminine.”  This past week Christine enjoyed time in the salon getting a new look. She looks totally sassy and her hair looks super healthy!

The IE Mommy
This is Christine before

This is what Christine told us about the results:

I decided to go with a bit shorter version of the two styles suggested by Erin because my hair is really thick and heavy. After a certain length it just kind of lies there so if I want any kind of body…it has to be shorter. The style is similar just shorter layers.

I learned something about my hair. I have natural red highlights! I sat with the hairdresser and chose two distinctly brown hair dyes.

One was dark like the sample in your blog and the other was like the lighter one in your article. She wanted to create highlights and lowlights. There was not an ounce of red in them and lo and behold my hair came out with red highlights. Go figure!  (See the color options Erin suggested here)


Christine after!  Gorgeous, fresh and sexy!  Just what a mom of twins should be! 🙂

I’d also like to add that Christine’s gorgeous red lipstick is a perfect shade for her!  I love it!  You go, mama!

Thank you to Erin for her help in this wonderful hair makeover!

To read more about Christine, visit The IE Mommy.

If you are looking for a new look for you hair, please email me (tammy[at]amominredhighheels[dot]com) a current picture of yourself At least 350 pixels, please!) and tell me about your challenges, needs and how much you are willing to change your hair cut and color!  Please put HAIR MAKEOVER in the subject line.

For further inspiration, check out the Hair Makeover page with great styles to “try on”!

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