I recently attended a webinar about the VueZone home video monitoring system. I randomly won a camera for my home! We were all so excited to try this camera, especially my son who claimed it as his own!

After we received it, I passed it over to my husband. I know it’s suppose to be easy to set up but I hate figuring tech stuff out. I really could have done. Really. He had it set up and the account made online so quickly that the next thing I knew my daughter was making funny faces into the camera just to see herself on my computer screen. And so it begins.

The VueZone is intended for home safety, checking in on latch-key kids and checking in for a visual hello if you happen to be out of town. However, my children use it to spy on each other. My son has the app set up on his iTouch, my daughter uses my iPhone. We also use it to spy on our dogs when we leave them home and inside alone. Pretty funny, I know. So far, they’ve been good. If there comes a time that we see them being naughty, I must remember to record the viewing so I can submit it to The Planet’s Funniest Animals.

The camera is small and wireless so it can be moved to any location in the home.  The VueZone gateway plugs into router or cable/DSL modem. The video is viewed via computer with wifi or a smartphone.

You can read more about the functionality and design of the VueZone on my original post, I Am Watching (The Hottest Parent Tool) or visit VueZone.com for the price, to see how it works and learn about it’s smartphone capabilities.

Part of my winning the VueZone prize for myself was also winning one VueZone System with 1 Motion Detection Camera to give away ($179 value)!  For all you tech-loving moms, moms who want to check in on the kids (with a visual) and moms of mischievous kids (like mine), this system is for you!  It could also make a great Christmas gift for you hubby if you win!

To Enter:

Entry 1 (mandatory): Comment below how you would use the VueZone in your home.  Would you use it to spy on the new sitter (no shame in that!), to check in with the kids while you are away on a trip, use it to make sure you child comes home at the expected time or perhaps try to capture a funny pet video like we are?  Let me know in the comments below.

Entry 2 (optional): Follow @VueZone and @amominred on Twitter and tweet: Loving this cool video gadget from @VueZone Please enter me to win one on @amominred http://tinyurl.com/3fvvcx3

Entry 3 (optional): LIKE VueZone on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall.  Please tell them A Mom in Red High Heels sent you and leave the link to this contest: http://tinyurl.com/3fvvcx3

Deadline to Enter:

November 2, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST

Winner will be contacted via email and has 48 hours from the time the email was sent to claim prize.  Failure to do so results in a new winner being selected.

VueZone is responsible for shipment of prize.

Get Connected:
Twitter: @VueZone
Facebook: /VueZone

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  1. carol y l

    We live in a nice area but we have increased crime so I would use it to be able to see the front door and interior front room in case someone breaks the door in (which happens). Also to see how my old dog is able to crawl up on my couch yet he looks feeble. Is he pulling my leg?
    spcale at yahoo dot com.

  2. I would use it as a “cat cam” to capture the antics of my cats whilst I am away.

  3. crystal l allen

    i would use it to monitor the front door of our house, i am normally in the part of the house that is near our side door and i can’t hear anyone knocking on the front door where i am at, thanks clallen at ntin dot net

  4. Zacherly Sheets

    I love your idea about a pet video…I also like the sense of security it would give me.

    zacherlyksheets at gmail dot com

  5. heather c

    I would love to point this at the computer desk so we’ll know when someone decides to surf without permission!

  6. Candice Hopper-Owrey

    Totally to spy on sitters! I’d love.

  7. Veronica Garrett

    I would use it to monitor our house while we are working or away. We have a lot of home breakins.

  8. brian e.

    Thanks for the giveaway…would use the VueZone to check up on the kids after school i.e. homework time !!!
    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  9. Cindi Marino

    Thank you for this contest. I have a newly injured small dog. I feel she should be monitored at all times. We would use it to check in on her while out running an errand(s) while away from the home.