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As someone who still suffers from breakouts while combating wrinkles, I appreciate this information from Dr. Ben Johnson, MD. He reminds us how important quality nutrition and detoxing are to our bodies!

“Acne is a detox reaction that has little to do with bacteria or oiliness,” explains Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, founder of the holistic beauty brand Osmosis Skincare. “It is poor digestion linked to what we eat and hormonal imbalances internally, not topical bacteria as we might think.”

Our skin is a filter to help remove toxins from our bodies. These toxins are what cause breakouts. Whether from diet, hormones, stress or candida, the toxins that are released due to these causes appear on the face, back or chest, and occur chronically, monthly, or intermittently. The face is a key detox zone because of the increased circulation, the sebaceous glands and its connection to the internal organs.

“Acne shows up on different parts of the face based on where these toxins are coming from. Estrogenic toxins (poisons that resemble estrogen) are purged in male pattern areas that include the beard line (where a beard would grow) and the chest and back. Acne in the upper face is caused by candida toxins. Candida is a yeast that overgrows in different regions of the gut. Where it is growing in the gut will determine where on the face it appears. Forehead, as one example, is the large intestine”, adds Johnson.

Buy organic foods if possible – “Too many of the added growth hormones in our meat and dairy end up in our systems and the body responds with hormone shifts. As a result, candida populations in the body get out of whack which in turn, can contribute to acne.”

Watch your diet – “Reduce your intake of sugar, hydrogenated oils, sodium and synthetic flavorings where possible. Inflammation, even internally, stimulates oil production and leads to acne.

Treating candida is not easy but Osmosis Skincare created a supplement that does not require any dietary changes and has no side effects. It is called Skin Perfection Harmonized Water, which also works on the inflamed digestive tract.

Treating estrogenic toxins is done best by Osmosis Skincare’s Environmental Detox which binds the toxins before they reach the skin. Diindolylmethane, an extract from cruciferous vegetables, binds estrogenic toxins that aid in hormonal balance. This ingredient is perfect to treat those pesky hormonal breakouts and all around helps balance your system. Finally, its Activated Charcoal acts like a sponge to absorb toxins and harmful compounds and helps to decrease the work load of the liver to detoxify the body. This wonder also improves defense mechanisms for all major organs.

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