Allergy Season Relief

Do your kids suffer from allergies? Mine do. In fact, our entire family has allergies but my son’s are most severe. During spring and fall, he is miserable. When we notice persistent symptoms of sneezing, red eyes and a cough, we start him on a regimen of allergy medication and diligently work to maintain other […]

Day 2: Remington Styling Tool Giveaway

Yesterday we had great participation in my pre-birthday celebration giveaway on Remington Red Chair Ready Facebook page. (Did you get in on the action??) Today promises to be another!  Remember, the contests run one a day Monday through Thursday this week.  Please enter daily as each day is it’s own contest! First, let’s share who won […]

Movie Monday (Enter To Win Tickets!)

The holiday weekend is BUSY at the box office!  My husband and son went to  see Transformers 3 yesterday and had to stand in quite the line!  If you are holding out to see a movie until the crowds dwindle, hang tight a bit longer… I am giving away a prize package for the Tom […]

Giveaways Galore

I know how you all love a great giveaway so I wanted to clue you into the buzz going on over at The Looks for Less. My amazing, stylish blogging friend is celebrating her blogiversary in a BIG way with lots to share with you! Please visit her site and enter to win all week […]

Twisted Silver Creekwalk Necklace Giveaway

Christmas is early this year!  Twisted Silver is honoring us with a fabulous pre-holiday giveaway! Whoot! We love Twisted for their generosity! I showed you my gorgeous Creekwalk necklace a while back and love it so much I want one of you to own it too! You will get so many compliments on this gorgeous […]