What Are You Doing for Yourself in 2010?

It’s practically 2010, can you believe it? Your kids are going to be another year older in 2010 (well, so are you but we don’t need to go there…)!  I have to ask, since your kids are growing more independent, what are you doing for yourself in 2010? Make 2010 the year to treat yourself […]

Lifestyle Designer Isaac Mizrahi Arrives at QVC

I absolutely adore designer Isaac Mizrahi!  He is such a doll and he really knows how to design!  I would love to work with him myself one day! One of my all time favorite style books is “How to Have Style” by Issac Mizrahi!  The book features 12 women, with different body types, budgets and […]

My Skin Cancer Scare

I’ve become hyper-aware of skin cancer stories in the last few of years. See, I grew up in Arizona where the sun doesn’t stop shining and yes, I did my fair share of suntanning with baby oil. Mind you, I am of Dutch descent and my skin doesn’t tan all that well so it was […]

Magical Insight Into A Writer’s Life: Beg, Borrow, Steal

Some days you just need some time to decompress and escape your own world and perhaps, step into someone else’s.  Sometimes it gives you a new perspective on your own life or just simply a chuckle that helps you step back into reality again. In this recommended reading by Michael Greenberg, you’ll step into his […]

My Obsession with Glossies and MAGHOUND

I’m a magazine addict.  How about you?  Do you love the glossies?  While the internet is great, blogs are fabulous and real-time information about who is wearing what is priceless, nothing, I mean nothing, compares to a little “me time” with one of my favorite magazines!  Flipping through the pages of the latest beauty and […]