Meet Lila Dare, Mom of 2 and Author of Tressed to Kill

Lila Dare

Your Name: Lila Dare How many children do you have? Two daughters—ages 10 and 12 Your Business Name : Brief Description of Your Business: Murder, mayhem, hairstyling and humor—I write the Southern Beauty Shop mystery novels featuring five women, ages 17-60, who work at Violetta’s Salon in the fictional town of St. Elizabeth, Georgia. […]

Breaking News: Maghound Adds 18 Prominent Titles to Catalogue


You heard it here first! Maghound will be announcing in the coming week the addition of 18 prominent new titles to its catalogue. What this means for you is that you have 18 more great magazines to choose from with your Maghound subscription! I’m thrilled with the addition of a few of my favorites like […]

The Secret To Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2010

Life management expert and bestselling author Brook Noel says historically more than 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by late February because most people view resolutions as another pressure in an already pressure-filled life. Whether you want to curb your caffeine cravings, stop procrastinating or really reduce stress in 2010, Brook Noel is hosting […]

What Are You Doing for Yourself in 2010?

Mama's Little Helper by Michele Little

It’s practically 2010, can you believe it? Your kids are going to be another year older in 2010 (well, so are you but we don’t need to go there…)!  I have to ask, since your kids are growing more independent, what are you doing for yourself in 2010? Make 2010 the year to treat yourself […]

Lifestyle Designer Isaac Mizrahi Arrives at QVC

Isaac Mizrahi Live for QVC

I absolutely adore designer Isaac Mizrahi!  He is such a doll and he really knows how to design!  I would love to work with him myself one day! One of my all time favorite style books is “How to Have Style” by Issac Mizrahi!  The book features 12 women, with different body types, budgets and […]