Summer Ready Hair with Brazilian Blowout

Looking for a shortcut to awesome summer hair? Look no further than the Brazilian Blowout. Frizz-free and easy to style! The pictures do the talking, I have nothing more to say. P.S. This is rough dry, no brush, no flat iron!!! WOW! Brazilian Blowout performed by Angela Mupo of Evans & CO Salon (909) 793-1991 […]

Moms Deserve Easy-to-Style, Beautiful Frizz-free Hair!

Moms Deserve Easy-to-Style, Beautiful Frizz-free Hair!  A Brazilian Blowout help her get out the door more quickly in the morning and help her to feel her most beautiful self.  Why not gift her this special treat?  I know just the person to help you!  Jordana Lorraine is a certified Brazilian Blowout stylist with a lot […]

NEW Formaldehyde-Free Pure Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment Trumps All!

Brazilian Blowout alternatives, organic keratin treatments, collagen, agave, sugarcane…in the past few years, a number of products have popped up, promising all the results of the originals but without the chemical content.  Some have been more effective than others, and in 2011 I wrote a comparison piece covering several I had tried. Pure Brazilian Clear, […]

Brazilian Blowout vs. Keratin Treatment: Which is Safest? Most Effective? How Do I Choose??

I get asked these questions every day, so I thought I would write up a guide to help readers learn more about the treatments, the concerns, and all the other ins and outs of keratin smoothing systems. I am often asked, “Which one is best?” but the truth is, this is like asking which car […]

Are Coppola Keratin Complex Results Affected by Weather?

A distressed reader writes in regarding her recent Keratin Complex by Coppola treatment results. We all know how distressing hair can be at times, especially when you spend a lot of time and money on it and it doesn’t look exactly the way you had hoped it would. She is very disappointed and wonders if […]