The END of Split Ends: Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment is “the only in-salon service that instantly repairs, strengthens, seals & protects ends for up to 4 weeks in only 10 minutes!”

A Cure for Your Damaged Hair (hint: it’s not a haircut!)

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repairing Treatment is getting so much BUZZ! I am hearing about the most amazing results this product offers! It gets summer damaged ends in tip-top shape, FAST, without a hair cut! This in-salon treatment will have you loving your hair again! You’ll leave the salon with your hair repaired, stronger and […]

Brazilian Blowout Summer Trend: Keep the Curls, Lose the Frizz!

April showers, May grey, June gloom…any way you twist it, Springtime isn’t the best and the brightest season for hair. Curls get crazier, frizz gets fluffier, and what do we do?  Add some highlights to brighten it up (and dry it out, adding more frizz)?  Plan a vacation (most likely to a warm, humid place)? […]

Keratin Treatment Q&A: How to Decrease Frizz Without Going Flat

Recently, a reader wrote in and asked some great questions about keratin treatments.  Please see Jessica’s questions below (in bold), followed by my answers, followed by a few other FAQ’s in the same format. Thank you so much for your review of the different keratin treatments. You saved me a month worth of research! I have […]

What is Your Salon Doing to Keep You (and their staff) Safe During Your Service?

The hair salon is a place of beauty; a place to escape, to unwind, to become the superstar who lives inside you but doesn’t always make it to the surface on a daily basis.  You can sip coffee or tea (or maybe even a cocktail, depending on your salon).  You can forget about work, kids, […]