Change The Life of Your Hair

Good Hair Days

Want gorgeous hair? Of course you do! What woman doesn’t?? Change Your Habits So You Can Change the Life of Your Hair! It’s time to make a commitment to your hair.  How you treat it is apparent to the rest of the world.  Your hair can benefit from the choices you make each and every […]

You’ll Love Your Hair Even More When You Do These 7 Things

You'll love your hair even more when you do these 7 things

You’ll love your hair even more when you… Finally get a hair style that fits your personality! Work with a stylist who really hears your desires. Bring plenty of pictures to your appointment and communicate what you want and need. Be honest, if you don’t have 30 minutes to do your hair each morning, say […]

On the Beauty Aisle: Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Treatment


Always looking for a way to give my hair some TLC, I stepped up and took the 7 Day Hair and Scalp Challenge. See what I think about the experience in this video: The theory behind this product is that by feeding and nourishing the scalp, the hair will be stronger and more beautiful. This […]

Brains & Beauty: 12 Online Mom Business Owners With Gorgeous Hair


It is possible to be smart, successful and beautiful! These women prove it! I’ve searched within my circle for moms with successful online businesses that also happen to have really great hair! Like other moms, they are super busy.  As business owners, they also have to juggle the endless list of behind the scene tasks […]

It’s Time to Winterproof Your Hair


Ugh…dry, frizzy hair. Brittle and dull. Who else wants to rid her head of that?? This winter, don’t let you hair get into an unhealthy, unmanageable state! Take control, love it, nurture it and most of all, moisturize it! Try giving your hair a moisture boost with Botanical Boost Moisture Infusing & Refreshing Spray from […]