Exclusive: Style and Business Tips from WorkoutPerfect Founder, Anne Clara Laugesen

Your Name: Anne Clara Laugesen Your Business: WorkoutPerfect Brief Description of Your Business:  WorkoutPerfect is an online community of health and fitness enthusiasts, run by Anne Clara Laugesen.  Dedicated to sharing experiences and knowledge, the mission of WorkoutPerfect is to help you live a happier, healthier and more active life.  Taking care of your body and […]

Exclusive: Style and Success Tips from Sarah Silva, Founder of Cute Little Babes

Your Name: Sarah Silva Your Business: Cutelittlebabes Brief Description of Your Business: Cool clothes for cook Kids- Comfortable clothes but yet stylish to always have your little one looking fly What was your inspiration to start your business?   My little guy, Isaac What has been your biggest business challenge and how did you overcome it? […]

Exclusive: Style and Success Tips from Jennifer Weisman, Founder of Just Bones Boardwear

Your Name: Jennifer Weisman Your Business: Just Bones Boardwear™ Brief Description of Your Business: Just Bones Boardwear™ revolutionizes boardshort design by offering edgy lifestyle clothing with comfort and flexibility. Awarded two patents, our design provides the perfect fit with a hidden adjustable waist on the back of the boardshorts, allowing them to be re-sized even while wearing. This is […]

Get to Know Jeannie Jarnot, Founder of Spa Heroes, the Toxin-Free Monthly Beauty Subscription Service

Your Name: Jeannie Jarnot Your Business: Spa Heroes® Brief Description of Your Business: Spa Heroes is a new monthly beauty subscription service delivering ONLY 100% toxin-free products. We deliver one-full size, first-run super fresh product for face, body or hair that’s packed with natural Superpower ingredients that activate your body’s very own beauty superpowers like […]

Exclusive Interview: Molly Sims, Mom, Supermodel, Business Woman and Author

I am super excited to share this interview with you! Molly Sims is an inspiring, successful woman who is sharing her secrets with us in her new book. As a mom, supermodel, business woman and now, author, Molly has learned by trial and error how to look and feel her most fabulous.  Here is a […]