9 Action Steps to Greater Success (An Exclusive Interview with Angelique Agee, Senior Executive Unit Leader for Avon)

Angelique Agee

I have some exciting and helpful information to share with you today! I know many of you are working as independent consultants/reps for various companies. Many of you are seeking out opportunities to help with the household income and some of you are at a crossroad and need to come up with a solution to […]

Exclusive Interview: Janet Thomas, Mom of 7, Embraces the Entrepreneurial Life with Avon

Janet Thomas Avon Independent Sales Representative

Your Name: Janet Thomas Hometown: Mahwah, NJ Your Business: Avon Independent Sales Representative; www.youravon.com/buyorsell What was your inspiration to start your business? I started my Avon career in January of 2009, after my husband (the bread winner of the family for 20 years) had been out of work for much longer than we had expected. […]

Exclusive: Sarah Cleghorn, Energy Coach, Inspires Us With Her Work and Wardrobe

Sarah Cleghorn - Tapping Into Your Genius

I am excited to introduce Sarah Cleghorn to you. She is an energy coach and consultant who lives in Australia. Isn’t the world wide web a beautiful thing? Sharing, growing and meeting interesting women is so easy! I am inspired by Sarah and her work. I’ve dabbled in energy work here and there but recently […]

Powerful, Strong & Beautiful: The Marissa Mayer Controversy


Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, has raised some debate about her recent Vogue layout. Some are saying they fight hard to succeed and prove that it’s not about being beautiful or well-dressed. They shame Marissa for “playing to the stereotype” stating, for women to be treated as equals, they shouldn’t take advantage of their physical […]

Exclusive: Heather Harrigan, Stylist with Vintage Couture, Talks Beauty and Fashion


Your Name: Heather Harrigan How many children do you have?  Daughter Ava, 6 & Son Luciano, 5 Your Business Name: VintageCoutureinc.net/HeatherHarrigan/ Brief Description of Your Business: I’m an Independent Fashion Stylist for an amazing line of children’s boutique apparel and matching accessories for the whole family. Shop Now on my website or contact me to […]