Get to Know Jeannie Jarnot, Founder of Spa Heroes, the Toxin-Free Monthly Beauty Subscription Service

spa heroes

Your Name: Jeannie Jarnot Your Business: Spa Heroes® Brief Description of Your Business: Spa Heroes is a new monthly beauty subscription service delivering ONLY 100% toxin-free products. We deliver one-full size, first-run super fresh product for face, body or hair that’s packed with natural Superpower ingredients that activate your body’s very own beauty superpowers like […]

Exclusive Interview: Molly Sims, Mom, Supermodel, Business Woman and Author

everyday supermodel

I am super excited to share this interview with you! Molly Sims is an inspiring, successful woman who is sharing her secrets with us in her new book. As a mom, supermodel, business woman and now, author, Molly has learned by trial and error how to look and feel her most fabulous.  Here is a […]

Exclusive Interview: Meet Eliza Linford Kelly, Owner of Hair Fairy Bedding Co. (+ discount code)

Eliza Linford Kelly, owner of Hair Fairy Bedding Co

Your Name: Eliza Linford Kelly Your Business Hair Fairy Bedding Co. Brief Description of Your Business: Hair Fairy satin pillowcases Hair Fairy satin pillowcases prevent nighttime hair tangles, frizz and bed head, making morning brush-outs easier and stress-free for both girls and their parents. Made from high quality, machine-washable satin, our pillowcases fit standard size […]

Exclusive Interview with Jewelry Designer, Marsha Bolen from Coe & Co.

Marsha Bolen

Your Name:  Marsha Bolen Your Business: Coe & Co. Brief Description of Your Business: Custom designed jewelry What was your inspiration to start your business?   People that I had made jewelry for.  And it is good therapy for me. What is your trick to staying laser focused in your business? It is second nature to me.  […]

Behind the Scenes with Dimitri James of Skinn Cosmetics

Dimitri during interview with ShopHQ

Skinn Cosmetics is celebrating it’s sixth anniversary with ShopHQ in July! Skinn has become ShopHQ’s best selling beauty brand and the reason is Dimitri James, creator of Skinn Cosmetics. Dimitri is passionate about “Bringing Beauty to the World” with his beauty line and his passion shows in everything he does! From his episodes on ShopHQ […]