What to Wear for Fall: Rectangle Body Type


Want to redefine your look so you look flattering in everything you own? Choose clothes that compliment your body type! If it doesn’t compliment you, don’t give it a second thought! Rock your body, no matter what size or shape, by learning how to accentuate or camouflage to give your body a balanced, sexy appearance. […]

What to Wear for Fall: Triangle Body Type


Wearing clothes that look awesome on your body gives you a terrific sense of confidence. Learning how to dress to compliment your assets and camouflage the areas you don’t want emphasized isn’t magic or even talent. It’s just a system that anyone can learn. Today, we’ll focus on the Triangle Body Type and what to […]

How To Look Comfy Chic: 4 Looks for Everyday Activities

How To Look Comfy Chic: 4 Looks for Everyday Activities

You know I preach to get dressed every day to look and feel your best.  Too many moms roll out of bed and hit the ground running to get the kids off to school with no regard for themselves. The problem with not taking 15-20 minutes minimum to get yourself ready is that you are […]

The “It” Look for Fall 2014


It’s great to have a go-to “uniform” that allows you to quickly put together your outfits with little thought. Having a formula for your outfit is what provides effortless chic style. Kate Middleton has a “uniform” of lady-like dresses and classic pumps. Kate Moss has a street style uniform of denim, black top and black […]

Back-to-School Night in Really Great Jeans


This year will be the first time ever that both our kids will be in school for a full day, at the same time! We’ve been homeschooling one or both for 4 years and as they enter 5th and 8th grade, we are all ready for the exciting year ahead! Both will be attending the […]