Back-to-School Must-Have: Glitter High-Tops for Girls


When you have a daughter, you get to share with her all things fashion, beauty and shoes! Teaching your daughter to appreciate fabulous shoes is giving her a lifetime skill. Since we want to help her learn to embrace her own style and choose kid appropriate styles (is she already asking to wear heels at […]

What to Wear for Fall: Diamond Body Type


No matter what your body looks like, you can look fabulous, feel confident and save time shopping when you understand how to dress your body type. Today, we’ll focus on the Diamond Body Type and what to wear for fall! Your Shape: Your waist is undefined and is the widest part of your frame. Your […]

6 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

6 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Imagine you hit the snooze alarm one too many times and now you have exactly 5 minutes to get yourself ready before waking the kids for school. One of two things will happen: You search frantically for a cute outfit that doesn’t need ironing. You pull on a dress but notice it has a button […]

From Lug Soles to Riding Boots: 8 Ways to Store Your Shoes


Women have at least 15 pairs of footwear from flats, flip-flops and sneakers to pumps, high heels, lug soles, combat and riding boots. It’s hard to keep up with storing, especially when you have limited space at home. What’s great about organizing your shoes is that you’re not only keeping them clean, but you also […]

#StyleTheBump Fashion Tips


Are you pregnant and looking for some style tips to help you feel sexy and less frumpy? Boy, I remember those days! It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I always had an issue with my tops being too short and the lovely belly band on the pants would show. It was so frustrating to find clothes that […]