Be The Cutest Mom on the Soccer Field


image source: Popsugar Soccer moms have a bad rap as being frumpy and the standard of “what not to do” if you want to be fashionable. As in: “Don’t wear your hair in a blunt cut, you’ll look like a soccer mom.” “Don’t wear capri pants, you’ll look like a soccer mom.” “Don’t wear baggy […]

Fashion Takeout: Summer Museum Explorer


Summertime is about fun and exploring new locations! Museums are on the top of the list for places to visit for many families. Our schedule for the summer includes The Getty Museum and Griffith Park, both in Los Angeles. We’ve been wanting to visit these locations for year so I am writing it on the […]

7 Cool Summer Outfits for 2015


Warm weather is starting to hit cities across the nation. It’s time to put away the jeans and start wearing cool summer clothes!  What can you wear in the heat and still look cute? (that is the million dollar question!) While building a new wardrobe each season would be awesome, it isn’t practical for many […]

Two Weddings, One Dress: Wedding Guest Style


image source It is wedding season! How many weddings are on your calendar this summer? Finding the right outfit to wear as a wedding guest can be challenging. If you don’t wear something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable, your time spent at the wedding will be less enjoyable. So, let’s just avoid that […]

#MaxxMoms Moments


Are you the kind of mom who wants to do it all? Do you adjust your schedule to make every school event, every after school event and every weekend game your kids are involved in? Me too! I love it! I love that I can provide my kids with support, a ride and most importantly […]