The Must-Have Heel for Summer

Looking to spend wisely and invest in just one pair of heels this summer? The hottest heel trend is the BLOCK heel. It’s everywhere! The beauty of it is, it is easy to walk in due to the wide heel width, the styles featured here are not that high (you can definitely find higher if […]

It’s National Flip Flop Day

Today is a big day in California, the land of the flip flop…It’s National Flip Flop Day! Yes, the day we celebrate the shoe we love to wear! Now, I haven’t always been a flip flop fan. In fact, I’ve taught style classes to groups of women and I’ve said to avoid wearing them unless […]

The Best Women’s Boots for Narrow Calves

If you are tired of looking for women’s boots for narrow calves, I have the solution for you! Skinnycalf Boots are designed to put an end to the ongoing search for narrow calf boots without a gap. I know this is a frustrating dilemma for many women. When a boot gaps, it looks sloppy and takes […]

8 Secret Weapons to Help You Wear Your Heels Longer

Do you have a love/hate relationship with heels? Me too. I wear them 85% of the the time because I love them so much but on some days, I do wish I owned more flats (shh, don’t tell!).  Finding products that helps comfort my feet is key to helping me wear my heels longer and […]

What Powers Your Life?

What are you powered by? What makes your life worth living? What inspires you to get out of bed each day? For me, it is my family. Sounds like a typical thing for a mom to say, I know, but it really become clear to me this year when both my kids went back into […]