Where to Buy Inexpensive Special Occasion Dresses

Do you know that feeling you get when you’re invited to an exciting event and your joy turns to dread because you realize you have nothing to wear? It might be a red carpet event, a networking night, wedding, graduation or the opportunity to speak in front of an audience of your peers. That feeling […]

Teach Your Daughter to Let Her Personality Shine Through Her Style

It is well established that girls just want to have fun…so, let’s dress them for fun! If you are in the habit of dressing your daughter as YOU wish, it is time to stop! Her personality is being stifled! As a good parent, I’m sure you understand the importance of allowing your child to develop […]

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun (and you want them to look great!)

If you ask my son his opinion about clothing, he usually gives a blank stare then casually says, “I don’t care.” Is your son like that too? If you ask my daughter her opinion about clothing, she’ll go on and on and on…. Is your daughter like that? Regardless of their opinion on fashion, the […]

Refresh Your Wardrobe with Fall Florals

Have you been keeping an eye out for fall fashions that you can add to your wardrobe? I have because you know what they say, when you are looking for something specific to buy, you won’t find it. So, when I decided that this fall I would embrace fall florals, I found a great one […]

Back-to-School Must-Have: Glitter High-Tops for Girls

When you have a daughter, you get to share with her all things fashion, beauty and shoes! Teaching your daughter to appreciate fabulous shoes is giving her a lifetime skill. Since we want to help her learn to embrace her own style and choose kid appropriate styles (is she already asking to wear heels at […]