6 Cool Gifts for Guys

Are you playing Santa to a guy or two this Christmas?Guys are hard to shop for, aren’t they? There are only so many years you can gift a beer club subscription or stuff their stocking with golf balls! While there are many fun gadgets they would enjoy using for a while, those start to collect […]

How to Look Fabulous on a Budget for a Special Occasions

image credit: Camp Conrad-Chinnock Special Occasions can cause a mixture of emotion. You are excited for the event and anticipate having a great time. You also are nervous about dressing appropriately and looking the part, not to mention stress about the price tag such an event carries with it. Nails, hair, shoes, accessories and a […]

Hand-Me-Downs: The Dos and Don’ts

Any family with multiple children understands what a money saver hand-me-downs can be. Children grow up so quickly, meaning they often only get a year of use, at most, out of perfectly good clothing items. With hand-me-downs, you can continue passing clothes down to the younger kids in your family or friends to get greater […]

Where to Buy Inexpensive Special Occasion Dresses

Do you know that feeling you get when you’re invited to an exciting event and your joy turns to dread because you realize you have nothing to wear? It might be a red carpet event, a networking night, wedding, graduation or the opportunity to speak in front of an audience of your peers. That feeling […]

Teach Your Daughter to Let Her Personality Shine Through Her Style

It is well established that girls just want to have fun…so, let’s dress them for fun! If you are in the habit of dressing your daughter as YOU wish, it is time to stop! Her personality is being stifled! As a good parent, I’m sure you understand the importance of allowing your child to develop […]