Where to Buy Inexpensive Special Occasion Dresses


Do you know that feeling you get when you’re invited to an exciting event and your joy turns to dread because you realize you have nothing to wear? It might be a red carpet event, a networking night, wedding, graduation or the opportunity to speak in front of an audience of your peers. That feeling […]

The Perfect Spring Coat


Before you start shopping to add items to your spring wardrobe, make sure you have cleaned out your closet! Once you have established a wardrobe of only items that you love, you can start to fill in the gaps with things you need to update your look for Spring 2015. One item that should be […]

9 Reasons to Organize Your Closet


With the weather changing to spring-like temperatures, you’ll need to pack away your winter clothes and boots.  Now is an excellent time to get some spring cleaning done and sort through your closet. Before you give up trying to organize “that mess,” let me give you the benefits of an organized closet. When your closet […]

Spring Break Ready: Vacation Wardrobe Essentials


Spring break time is upon us! I’m seeing pictures pop up all over Instagram of gorgeous pools, beaches and water fun! We still have 3 weeks until we get to enjoy our vacay but I’m already planning my outfits! It is always good to plan ahead, right?  Packing your vacation bag doesn’t have to be […]

The Best Women’s Boots for Narrow Calves


If you are tired of looking for women’s boots for narrow calves, I have the solution for you! Skinnycalf Boots are designed to put an end to the ongoing search for narrow calf boots without a gap. I know this is a frustrating dilemma for many women. When a boot gaps, it looks sloppy and takes […]