What to Wear in Your Business Videos

When creating your informational videos for your business, it’s just you and your camera ( and maybe a camera operator). You may be tempted to not give your outfit a second thought before hitting record but you need to. When you post a video online, it is representing you and your brand. Instead, take a […]

The Secret to Standing Out and Looking Like a Leader

The secret to standing out and looking like a leader is your personal style. Personal style is more than just the clothing hanging in your closet. It includes your personal appearance, non-verbal communication and mindset. It is a reflection of your inner confidence and is how you present yourself to the world. Don’t stop reading. […]

Make More Money on Your Blog

Are you a blogger who is tired of working long hours creating free content and making little money? Taking your blog beyond free content into a profit making machine is possible if you treat it like a real business instead of a hobby.  (I’ll explain how below) A little extra cash to help pay some […]

What To Pack For Business Trips

Traveling for business often means a short trip with only one or two overnight stays. Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate jet-setter, it can be challenging to pack as much as you can into a carry-on (because who wants to deal with checking bags??). You want options without over packing. I used to travel […]

8 Ways to Make a Positive First Impression

Do you know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are about to meet a potential client? You want to share your business with her because you know how much it can help her but you can’t help but feel a little afraid of blowing the opportunity.  How can you […]