Love Is A Hug From Mom (+ giveaway)

Love is a hug from Mom. Nothing compares. If you are a mom, you understand the power of your arms wrapped around your child. If you are not yet a mom, I’m sure you remember how the hugs from a special woman- mom, grandmother, mentor- meant the world to you in a difficult or special […]

Every Day Celebrations: 100% Indulgence, 0% Guilt

Are you remembering to be grateful for your every day blessings? If not, I encourage you and your family to throw a mini-celebration just to celebrate every day life! Make or buy some yummy cupcakes, get some party hats and blowers to add to the excitement and enjoy a few moments talking about all the […]

Update Your Skin Care for Warm Weather

As the dry, cold weather comes to an end soon, not only do you need to change up your wardrobe and makeup, you’ll need to change up your skin care as well! It’s time to start shopping for a lighter formula of moisturizer that contains SPF. The formula for finding the right warm weather moisturizer […]

6 Genius Products: The Best New Beauty Trends

Many beauty product trends come and go. (Remember hair crimpers and shampoo-plus-conditioners?) But each year, cosmetic companies release some technologies that can help make your life easier — and make you look even more beautiful. Here are six of my favorite beauty breakthroughs to help keep you gorgeous all year long. 1. BB Creams This […]

New StriVectin-SH Improves Skin Tone and Texture (+ enter to win)

Skin care just keeps evolving!  Today we have so many products to choose from, it’s tricky deciding which to use. Here’s my tip: use a brand with a history of great products! StriVectin is a company with many successful skin care products, ones proven to work.  Their latest is no different. Introducing StriVectin-SH Advanced Overnight […]