The Best Gifts for Women Who Love Makeup

It’s never too late to pick up a gift for a cosmetic junkie! Women who love makeup can be shopped for at many local retail locations so you don’t have to worry about running all over town! This video from Mode will give you a few gift ideas for the eye shadow experts, lip gloss […]

4 Really Good Products for Ageless Beauty

No matter what your age, you have days when you feel absolutely beautiful. You also have days where you want to wear a bag over your head. That is a universal truth for all women, those that admit it or not! Given that we are all in the same situation, let’s talk about products we […]

5 Surprising Holiday Foods that Will Keep Your Skin Glowing

As Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and menu ideas are being finalized, you don’t want to have to sacrifice great skin for great food. Dr. David E. Bank, director and founder of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, reveals the five best foods you can eat this holiday season that not only are delicious but great for […]

6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Look for Fall

Fall feels fresh and new! With the leaves changing color and the air feeling crisp and cool (more so in some areas than others! Still waiting here is So. Cal!), nature transitions to a new season. It is time to switch out your wardrobe, makeup and skin care routine for your own fresh makeover!  There […]

The Ultimate Fall Beauty Game Plan for Busy Moms

By: Marlysa Connolly The working mom balancing act can feel overwhelming. Really, when can you possibly have time for yourself between panicked calls from the school principal and needy clients in the same day? But, sometimes moms need to take time to breathe, gather their thoughts and recharge. Admittedly, scheduling “me” time among other priorities […]