Top 7 Spring Beauty Essentials (and how to get them for less than retail)


Spring is all about renewal. Fashion and beauty choices should reflect the mood of the season so, after months of layering and boots, I am excited to wear flirty fashion and indulge in the newest color trends.Along with a few great wardrobe pieces, some new beauty products are in order to kick off spring with […]

What Makes a Winning Day?


What makes a winning day? For me, it’s doing what I love…working in fashion and beauty. I love to get my hair and makeup done. I love to wear great clothes and be on photo shoots. I love to help other women feel more confident in their wardrobe choices and with their product choices for […]

Get Your Makeup On

Gisele Bundchen without makeup

The media has been on a kick lately showing TV personalities or models going sans makeup. The newest group to jump on the bandwagon is the Today Show, with a No Makeup Monday segment. I understand media is making a statement that we should love ourselves with or without makeup. I hear the message and […]

How and Why You Should Wear Red This Season

How and Why You Should Wear Red This Season

This month, it’s all about red — the color of passion and power. Whether you’re dressed in ruby, scarlet, poppy, cherry, tomato, paprika, claret, maroon or burgundy, “red always is an attention getter,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute. “There’s nothing quiet or soothing about it. It’s the color of high arousal […]

Super Bowl Game Day Beauty

Instagram via Nordstrom

It’s time to get that game face on. Whether cheering on Denver or Seattle, show off team spirit from lips to fingertips with team-inspired beauty from Target and ORLY nail lacquers. For the Denver fan: Mix and match royal navy, bold orange and white accents For the Seattle fan: Create a look with deep navy, […]