Feel Good About Your Online Shopping

Feel Good About Your Online Shopping

Doesn’t it feel nice to give? As we roll into the season of giving, I want you to remember to focus on that. It’s easy to stress out on finding the perfect gift, freak out over how much is being spent, or scold yourself for not planning ahead while you are doing last minute shopping! […]

One Woman Can™ Be Empowering


Ladies, I have put away my pride and am about to show you me with NO makeup on. None, nothing, nada. This is what my darling husband gets to see each night before he goes to sleep. Are you ready? See why I love makeup so much? I have no eyes without it! The reason […]

What Moms REALLY Want for Mother’s Day


Moms are saying they really don’t want STUFF for Mother’s Day. How do I know? I asked them! I posted this on Facebook: Finish the sentence: What I want for Mother’s Day is… Being that the page is beauty/fashion centered, I thought I’d receive comments from several moms wanting a Coach handbag, a mini-shopping spree […]

6 Mother’s Day Gifts You’ll Want Too!

Tammy and kids

Still wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day?  I know how important it is to have a special gift to give that is going to be loved and appreciated!  Don’t fret!  I have ideas! Six Mother’s Day Gifts You’ll Want too! The easiest way to update your home for a new season is […]

Be a Helper: Tragedy Brings People Closer


Be strong in one another. Horrible tragedies like Boston and West, Texas have a way of bringing people together. Total strangers sharing, caring, praying and loving on those impacted by the horrors. Look for the Helpers…and be one!  I encourage you to not shrink from fear but stand tall in your compassion to take action […]