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I had a Brazilian Blowout done 8 weeks ago.  Sadly, I started to see my curl and texture coming back about 2 weeks ago.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed having easy to blow-out hair that dried straight with a rough dry and didn’t tangle.  Really, it was a life changing experience (which I may have mentioned a time or two…).  Since I want the treatment to last as long as possible because- let’s face it- $350 for a hair treatment is a lot to pay every 2-3 months when there is school tuition to pay, kids to feed and lip gloss to buy.

I asked my favorite Keratin Treatment Expert, Jordana Lorraine, to give us some tips for keeping our Keratin Treatments lasting on and on.  Jordana reminds us that a typical semi-permanent keratin treatment lasts between 2 and 4 months, depending on your natural texture.  In light of that, she gives us some helpful tips to keep our smooth, sleek hair looking that way.
Get sleek, smooth hair with Brazilian Blowout
“You saw Nicole Richie’s blog about her Brazilian Blowout. You Googled. You saw an article in a magazine.  You read about it on A Mom in Red High Heels.  You Googled some more, looking for someone who does it in your area. You’ve read blogs and twittered about several different keratin treatments until you found a stylist who did the one that’s right for you. You got it, and you love it. Now how do you protect your investment?


Since sodium chloride is one of the biggest offenders in stripping the treatment from your hair, both ocean water and pool water can contribute to this (even saline-treated pools, as saline is also a form of salt). If you’re just playing with kids in a pool, clip your hair up and try to keep it out of the water. If you need to get your hair wet, the best thing you can do to protect it is to get it wet with tap water first; once it is saturated, it will absorb less of the bad water, but you’ll still want to shampoo and condition as soon as possible afterwards.


Each keratin treatment system makes a shampoo and conditioner, and most also make a deep treatment and one or two styling products. But some are pretty pricey! Do they really make a difference? YES. These products will generally contain the same hydrolized keratin and botanical extracts that were in your treatment, so each time you use them you will be refreshing and enhancing your results.

Shampoo is the most important; using the wrong shampoo can strip your treatment out faster. If you do not want to buy the recommended keratin treatment shampoo, look for one which is free of sulfates and sodium chloride. Remember, the recommended shampoo will not only protect your treatment but also enhance it. Like a spray tan, every time you wash your hair, you will fade a little bit of the coating off. So if it’s a lazy Sunday, and your hair is a little greasy but not awful…wait until Monday to shampoo. it may save you a few days on the other end!


Most keratin treatments are cumulative.  In other words, having the service done again before it fades away completely will result in the coating getting stronger and lasting longer. So, for example, you might redo it after 8 weeks the first time, then 10, then 12 and continue at 12-14 or whatever is comfortable for your hair.”

Contributed by:

Jordana Lorraine, Brazilian Blowout Certified Specialist

Find Jordana at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey, CA.
contact: 310-922-2645

Reminder: If you mention A Mom in Red High Heels when getting a keratin treatment done with Jordana, she will give you a $50 discount!

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  1. Hi,
    A great way to maxx out the results of a Brazilian Blowout is to use some of the Keratin enriched shampoos, conditioners and masks beginning to spring up in hair suppliers.

    They are a fab way of maintaining the effects and also work as wonderful conditioning products.

    Another cost-cutting alternative is to try applying the Brazilain system – also known as Escova Progressiva in Brazil – yourself, at home.

    It’s actually incredibly easy, and apart from the 48 hour wait before rinsing, applying the product is incredibly easy, pretty much like using a deep conditioner (which I guess is what it is really)

    You can find more info at my blog, which is all about Brazilian hair and beauty products. Here in Brazil hair is big business and the products available put Europe and the States to shame…

    Feel free to breeze over sometime, you can find my ramblings at

    Loving your work, I linked back to you.
    keep telling it how it is ‘Mom’

    Tchasu from the beach,

    I’m loving your blog by the way

  2. Tammy

    Bella Blu,
    Thanks for alerting us to yet another Keratin treatment!
    Jordana did mention the specialized treatment shampoos of which I do use. I protect it like a mother hen and cringe if I see my hubby using it. Mine…all mine! It’s essential to my hair, doesn’t he get that?! haha

  3. can you get a hair colour shortly after global keratin treatment or will it ruin the effects of the treatment.
    Comments or info would be great

  4. Hi Brenda,
    I can’t speak for every Keratin hair straightener, but I know with Zene Progress we suggest no colour a week either side of the treatment.

    The reason is two-fold. Any products you use beofre hand may be degraded by the Keratin ie. they’ll fade quicker, as well as any residue hampering your hair’s take-up of Keratin.

    Post treatment, it’s always good to wait a few days before colouring to allow your hair to settle and any residual Keratin on the outside of hair shafts to be rinsed away with post treatment washes – which can take a few days, dpending on how often you wash your hair…

    Hope that answers your question Brenda…

    Love from the beach,

  5. Coloring your hair two weeks after receiving the Keratin treatment will result in healthy, bold, shiny color. I did it myself, and my color has never looked so true. I am a firm believer in the treatment and will definitely continue to get it. I got it 6 months ago at Ulta salon and only just started thinking I may want to get another one soon. My hair is wavy and normally very dry, but the complex has made it more relaxed and smooth.

  6. I had keratin treatment for mothers day and i absolutely love it. My hair is naturally curly however it doesn’t look nice curly, i prefer straight. The treatment allows me the best of both worlds and its much easier to take care of. I have some grey and was hesitant on coloring afraid it would strip the treatment faster but after reading the previous post I will try and hope the post is for real. I plan to do again hopefully next mothers day keeping the treatment as my personal mothers day gift.

  7. Camerali

    I have had the Coppola and loved it. 3.5 months later I had another treatment. I just got it done. I had hair loss from the first treatment and it’s still going on. It comes right from the root! I realize now that it started when I got the treatment. There is nothing wrong with my blood. It seemed to just be dead hair falling out! I’m really thinning in the back of my head from the root. Don’t know what to do.

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  11. What id you get the global keratin treatment and you use the brazilian tech shampoo will it work as well?

  12. I’m still so confused about taking care of my hair after I’ve had the Keratin treatment. I have been using the shampoo and conditioners that were suggested but I’m not sure I see a difference with the conditioner. I feel as if I’m not really conditioning my hair at all. Can I continue using the proper shampoos but and still use my regular conditioner? Will this ruin the affects of the Keratin treatment?

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