Caring for Your Special Occasion Clothes |

We spent the weekend celebrating the wedding of our oldest daughter and her new husband. It was a beautiful wedding and a great party! Word is that everyone had an amazing time and the bride and groom are over-the-moon about the way the event unfolded.

As you probably know, weddings can be a source of stress because you want every last detail perfect. This is true, not only for the bride and groom, but the wedding party and immediate family of the couple.

Caring for Your Special Occasion Clothes |

When it came to selecting our outfits, we shopped, compared, purchased and returned a variety of dresses. My husband bought a sleek new suit and we rented a suit for our son so he got the perfect fit for his tall, lean body. Prior to the wedding weekend, we had the dresses dry cleaned to remove the wrinkles from shipment. All this expense adds up but we wanted to do our part to make sure everything was as the bride and groom wished.

Caring for Your Special Occasion Clothes |
Our 3 kids

I’m thankful for Dryel and the opportunity to clean the dresses and men’s shirts at home without the added expense of another cleaning bill. This truly is a blessing because now that the wedding is over, I need to focus my attention and funds on back-to-school shopping.

Dryel is safe to use on dry clean only and special care clothes. To use Dryel, you place up to five garments and one ULTRAcleaning™ cloth into the special Dryel reusable bag and place it in the dryer. You allow it to tumble in the dryer for 15-30 minutes, depending on if you are just refreshing the clothes or need a deep cleaning. The heat from the dryer activates the cleaning solution in the ULTRAcleaning Cloth™ to release a steam that removes body soils and odors from the clothes. Once the dryer is done, immediately hang the clothes to keep them from wrinkling. They will be slightly damp.

Caring for Your Special Occasion Clothes |

The cost of the Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner Starter Kit is less than $15. The cost of having our two dresses cleaned prior to the wedding was just under $30. That is a 50% savings! A savings I would like to pocket. For added savings, print this $1 off coupon before you shop!

Now, if you have a situation where, say, your daughter dropped a frosted brownie on her mint green dress, don’t fret (yes, happened to us). Dryel to the rescue. They have recently released a on-the-go stain remover that instantly removes stains and is gentle on your clothes. In my household, this is a must-have product! I gave one to my husband to keep in his work bag and I keep one in my purse. You just never know when food will jump in your lap!

Caring for Your Special Occasion Clothes |

Here is how it worked for the brownie smudge…

Pretty amazing, right?

Do yourself a favor and get the Dryel On-The-Go Stain Remover and keep one with you at all time!

Here are some more pictures from the beautiful wedding in our special occasion clothes:

Caring for Your Special Occasion Clothes |
My husband and I. Isn’t he a handsome Father of the Bride?
Caring for Your Special Occasion Clothes |
Mother of the Bride, myself (step mother) and Mother of the Groom
Caring for Your Special Occasion Clothes |
The bride and groom

You can stop avoiding buying Dry Clean Only styles because of the expensive dry cleaning bill. Get Dryel and save on your special occasion clothing care!

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Do you currently spend money on dry cleaning bills? How much do you spend, on average, per month? Leave a comment and let me know!

Love, Tammy

I am a Dryel ambassador. All opinions stated are my own.


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