If I could write the world’s shortest blog post reviewing this product, I would say:

“Simply Amazing.”

Since I am a dedicated blogger, I’ll get a bit more wordy about this product. Just know that in the end, “simply amazing” is all that is really required to say.

The product I am referring to is not a glamorous makeup product. It’s not a fabulous fashion piece. It is a life changing product, however. It is antiperspirant.

Specifically, Certain Dri, the #1 doctor-recommended antiperspirant for the treatment of excessive underarm perspiration, also known as axillary hyperhidrosis. While you may find the topic unsexy, you’ll be happy to know that it WILL allow you to wear your sexy dresses, business attire and summer sleeveless tops without worry of unsightly sweat marks and THAT is sexy. Certain Dri® Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant and its 72-hours of unmatched sweat and odor protection allow you to wear your favorite styles and tackle those nerve wracking moments with confidence.

I put the product to the test at an important event I was covering for A Mom in Red High Heels. I had the pleasure of spending the day working with Dimitri James, professional makeup artist and business success. Meeting famous people and wanting to do a great job puts the pressure on! Looking good and smelling fresh is kinda important!

I wanted to wear a favorite sleeveless dress with my red heels but was concerned about all day underarm protection. With sleeveless styles, body odor can be emphasized. I took a leap of faith with Certain Dri®, having never used it before, and was completely satisfied with the results. Simply amazing, as I said. Unlike any other brand I’ve used, this antiperspirant/deodorant worked to keep me dry and smelling fresh! The scent of other brands tend to strengthen when my body heat increases, which is almost worst than B.O. Certain Dri® maintained it’s light fresh scent and I stayed confident, even when lifting my arms to snap away with my camera.

Why it works:

The active ingredient, 12% aluminum chloride (strongest available without a prescription), in Certain Dri® Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant Roll-On is made up of smaller sweat fighting molecules, which penetrate the skin further to create a plug in the sweat ducts to help block perspiration. For added protection against odor, Certain Dri® Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant (in Roll-On or Solid) can be paired with the Everyday Strength Certain Dri AMTM in the morning with a “Morning Fresh” scent for added freshness and all day sweat protection.

Certain Dri® allowed me to work confidently, without worry of sweat or odor. It really changed the way I’ll do sleeveless in the future! It can help you “Capture Your Confidence” too!

Certain Dri Closet Full of Confidence Giveaway

Certain Dri gives you the sweat-free confidence to wear your favorite colors and styles! Now, it’s time to re-design your closet to fit all of your new confident style choices! Enter for your chance to win a $1,000 gift card to EasyClosets© to help you re-design your closet so you can hang your confidence boosting styles. The winner will also receive Certain Dri Protection System including, Certain Dri® Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant (Roll-On & Solid) and Everyday Strength Certain Dri AM Underarm Anti-Perspirant.

Entry period for the Certain Dri Closet Full of Confidence Giveaway is from 6/5-6/26/14.

Learn more about the Certain Dri Closet Full of Confidence Giveaway at www.facebook.com/certaindri


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CERTAIN DRI®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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