Lorraine used the Ask Tammy form when she had a question about Cameron Diaz‘s Oscar hair.

“To have my hair styled like cameron diaz wore her hair at the oscars 2012, what do I ask my stylist for. And also would it matter if my hair were naturally straight or it has a slight wave to it?”

Stylist Jordana Lorraine helped out with the answer:

To achieve Cameron’s 2012 Oscar look, follow these steps:

CUT– Ask your hair stylist for a softly graduated bob and some long layers framing the face on the heavy side of the part.  This style must have a side part to work, and the farther over you can get it, the better.  Cutting it gently with a razor technique would help provide the softer look, as opposed to the sharp edges of a scissor cut.  Don’t be afraid to bring a photo; this can be very helpful, since stylists and clients sometimes see and describe shapes quite differently.

HAIR TYPE– This style would be best on fine, wavy hair, blow-dried straight because this has a more flexible feel than very straight hair, however if hair is fine and straight, it can be manipulated into a style like this using a medium round brush to create a bend in the hair without too much curl.  If you have curly hair and really want this look, a Brazilian Blowout can help you achieve it.

STYLING/PRODUCTS– If hair is colored or bleached like Cameron’s, start by spritzing a thermal protectant spray all over.  Blowdry on medium, wrapping hair around the head in both directions; this will help create the lose, swingy feeling.  Halfway through, add some sea spray for texture and volume without the stiffness of a root lifter or hairspray.  If hair is wavy, use a brush to add some tension, smoothing out the wave.  Use a medium-sized round brush to encourage hair to curl backwards just at the ends.  Finish with a dry shampoo (yes, it can be used as a styling product!) as a preventative measure if your hair tends to get greasy.  While conventional wisdom might tempt you to use a pomade for shine and de-frizzing, resist that temptation if you really want Cameron’s look, as it is matte, loose and free.

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