How does one woman manage a household, a husband, 5 daughters, an in-home daycare and a business?

This is Avon Representative Shawna Snyder (shown with 3 of her girls and one of her child care kids). You’ve met her recently in a Real Moms, Real Beauty interview where she shared about her beauty/fashion routine. Today, you get to learn about how she does it all!

There you have it…the key to success and a full, productive life…organization and prioritization! How are you with those skills? I’m not so great and could be far more productive if I’d stop getting distracted by the “shiny object”, which might be a snack in the middle of my work time or a few fun website to check out for “possible review.” Shawna has a system in place and I was so inspired by how she runs her busy household.  Her children are very helpful with each other, work independently as much as possible with their home school curriculum, and Shawna and her husband, Mark, are very fair with pay for the chores that they do around the house.  The kids that come for childcare are like family.  Shawna is able to accomplish so much by having a plan and sticking to it! It takes discipline! I walked away from our time together recharged!

As you may know, girls LOVE beauty products!  Shawna recruits her 5 daughters to help with her home based Avon business, in exchange the girls can earn products!  What a great way to incorporate your kids into your business.  The kids love stamping the new catalogs and helping Shawna deliver orders

I thought it would be fun for you to hear which Avon products the girls love best:

Here are the links so you can check out their recommendations personally:
Nail Polish
Sweet Honesty Cologne Spray

Be sure to look for holiday gifts and decor too!

After further discussion with Shawna, she shared how YOU and YOUR FAMILY can benefit from working with Avon as a Representative.

Working with Avon allows you to work and earn as much as you like. Maybe you just want to earn enough to pay for your growing collection of beauty product or maybe you want to earn enough to pay for a new table, like Shawna did. If you are looking for a way to replace your job’s income, you can do that too! Make it as big as you can dream!

“You can’t build the kind of business like I have by yourself. You need a team of people who share your goals in order to be successful.” …Senior Executive Unit Leader Vondell McKenzie

Shawna has her family and team of Avon representatives who work with her. Who do you have? Are you ready to begin a home-based business with Avon? Contact Shawna for more details or to get started! This truly is doable! If Shawna can build her business with all she has on her plate (oh, I forgot to mention, her husband often travels for his job!), you can do it to! Give yourself the chance to prove it to yourself!

Life in the Snyder home is crazy, fun and works. Life is how you build it. Ask yourself, how you are building your life. Is it all you want it to be? If not, ask yourself what you can do to change it. I hope Shawna has inspired you to follow your dreams and if she can help you follow yours, contact her!

Get Connected:
Twitter: @ShawnaAnnAVON #AvonRep

Shop Avon with Shawna online!  The holidays are coming and Avon always has amazing gifts to give!

*This post is part of a sponsored series showcasing an Avon Leader.

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