Brazilian Blowout Summer Trend: Keep the Curls, Lose the Frizz!

April showers, May grey, June gloom…any way you twist it, Springtime isn’t the best and the brightest season for hair. Curls get crazier, frizz gets fluffier, and what do we do?  Add some highlights to brighten it up (and dry it out, adding more frizz)?  Plan a vacation (most likely to a warm, humid place)?  I personally did 32 Brazilian Blowouts and keratin treatments in April, 31 in May, and have 27 on the books so far for June, and it’s not even half over.

Do all these clients want pin-straight, flat hair?  Not at all.  Especially this time of year, many want to wear their hair wavy or curly, but without the frizz, fluff, or bulk of their natural hair.  I noticed this trend developing, then BAM! Brazilian Blowout wrote me and asked if they could use some of my before and after photos in an ad they were running, on this exact topic (of course I said yes!)

Sarah F. before and after Brazilian Blowout by Jordana Lorraine

Smoothing treatments are often used to reduce or remove curl, but they also boast a variety of other benefits: keratin strengthens the hair, rehabilitating it after bleaching, highlighting, or color changes.  It also helps prevent split ends from breaking off, and new ones from developing.  Anything else?  Oh, just brilliant shine, touchable softness, and the virtual elimination of frizz.  These are the features that lead many people choose to have the treatment even if their hair is mostly straight.

Brazilian Blowout by Jordana Lorraine

Brazilian Blowout by Jordana Lorraine

A new client almost canceled an appointment with me last week because her husband told her he preferred her hair curly.  Her previous treatments (one was a Brazilian Blowout, one was another type of keratin treatment) had made her hair too flat and straight for his taste.  But the frizz was driving her crazy!  What’s a girl to do?  I am so grateful she reached out to me directly for advice, rather than cancel, and I was able to explain some options to her.  Many people think a Brazilian Blowout is just one certain thing with one certain outcome, but this is just not true.  I shared with her some photos, showing the a client with hair similar to hers, having different results on different visits, depending on her desire at that time.


Brazilian Blowout by Jordana LorraineBrazilian Blowout by Jordana Lorraine

This is when it is especially important to see a stylist who is experienced at customizing a treatment to your needs. (How to find/choose a salon/stylist.)  Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be invited by Brazilian Blowout to their Master Certification Class.  This is a special, advanced seminar for their most experienced stylists.  In the seminar, we discussed different hair types, conditions, and clients’ lifestyle needs.  We were given tips on each, and on how to customize results.  You can find a Master Certified stylist in your area by contacting the new Brazilian Blowout Concierge Service at 855-55-BB4ME.

At the risk of entering into “I’m also a client…” territory, I’d like to share some photos of myself, with a variety of different styles, colors, curls and waves, below.  The tightest curls (one blonde pic and one red one) are my natural curl; the others are all styles created using Brazilian Blowout in different ways to bring different results!

Jordana Lorraine with Brazilian Blowout

Jordana Lorraine with Brazilian Blowout

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