Brazilian Blowout Zero Plus

Brazilian Blowout, makers of the smoothing treatment that took the world by storm, has a new treatment on the market.  In February 2011, Brazilian Blowout premiered “Zero,” a new formula designed to answer the concerns of clients and stylists about formaldehyde exposure while using the original formula.  While numerous tests showed the Original formula was safely within OSHA guidelines, some people still wanted to avoid the chemical exposure, and Brazilian Blowout answered their call.  See a client’s review of Brazilian Blowout Zero here.

While this new formula answered the public’s call for an alternative treatment, Brazilian Blowout listened once again to their main customer: the stylists!  They have improved the Zero formula in several ways, to create new Zero Plus!  This new formula is still 100% free of formaldehyde before, during or after the process.  It still has NO downtime (no waiting to wash hair afterwards) and smooths out frizz without over-straightening.  Some improvements include:

~ A more pleasant consistency and virtually no steam during the process

~ A quicker process, allowing the average service to be as quick as one hour

~ Silkier, shinier results than Brazilian Blowout Zero

~ Promotes volume in fine hair

But don’t trust me, take a look for yourself in these two examples.  My associate Allie C. performed the treatment on my fine, wavy hair and I performed it on my client Gina’s medium-textured, thick, curly hair.


Brazilian Blowout Zero Plus on Jordana Lorraine Brazilian Blowout Zero Plus by Jordana Lorraine

Gina’s review: “I am really happy with my Brazilian Blowout Zero+.  I have naturally curly hair which I blowout straight a couple times a week.  With the application of the BB Zero+, I can have curls and straight hair without frizz.  In the past, I’ve tried other straightening products which left my curls limp and straight hair too flat!  This is the perfect combination for what I like to do with my hair, no matter which way I wear it. Even this past week with the humid weather rolling in, I’ve had more compliments on my curls than ever.  Thank you Jordana Lorraine!”


Contributed by:

Jordana Lorraine, Brazilian Blowout Specialist
Los Angeles, CA (Marina Del Rey)
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  2. What’s different about the process between the Zero Plus and the original? I saw something about it being a leave in. Do you have to wait days to wash it? How is it only 60 minutes?

  3. @Chags Certified stylists have been provided with (or at least have access to) detailed instructions of how to perform Zero Plus as opposed to the Original treatment. The different that makes it so much quicker is that Zero Plus is not rinsed from the hair in the salon, however it can be rinsed or washed whenever the client wishes to (*No Downtime*) without compromising the results.

  4. **UPDATE** It has now been about 4 months since I started using the ZERO+ and as Frances requested above, I am reporting on the longevity. It seems to last between 2-3 months, and while it is definitely an improvement over the first ZERO, it is still not a replacement for the Original solution, in terms of results (nor was it intended to be.)

    ZERO+ makes a great treatment for shine and for battling unwanted frizz/fluff in fine to medium, colored or highlighted hair. Please remember that it should not be expected to change curl dramatically. It’s like a super-charged, super-long-lasting conditioning treatment, and makes a great “booster” halfway through the cycle of a full-strength treatment.

  5. Marla Vender

    I just had the zero done, and my hair in front/ on top looks terrible! Not straight or curly, it is soft but looks micro crimped! My stylist is very experienced. She did the zero because the original left my front frizzy looking and the company recommended it. Regardless, with either formula I can’t air dry or even diffuse and go. Ideas?

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