It is possible to be smart, successful and beautiful! These women prove it! I’ve searched within my circle for moms with successful online businesses that also happen to have really great hair! Like other moms, they are super busy.  As business owners, they also have to juggle the endless list of behind the scene tasks while managing home life.  It’s not easy but these ladies make no excuses.  They understand that how they look represents their business and so they make the effort to look their best, starting with their hair!

Prepare to be inspired:

Loren Ridinger: Loren is an Internet mogul who has changed the face of the beauty and Internet shopping industries over the last 20 years.  Loren Ridinger is Senior Vice President of Internet retailing giants and SHOP.COM.   She also owns a jewelry line and a makeup line!  Loren shares her style and inspiration through her personal blogs MyFashionCents and Loren’s World, which was named in Forbes’ Top 100 Websites for Women in both 2011 and 2012.  Loren has one daughter and really gorgeous hair!

Heidi Klum: She really doesn’t need an introduction.  She’s inspiring, beautiful, fit and a savvy business woman!  I admire her wit and drive.  She may have started as a model but she has worked her way up to being a business mogul.  Heidi can be found online at and her jewelry line, Wildfire by Heidi Klum can be found on QVC.  Heidi has her hands in many businesses including workout clothes, fragrances and more!  She has 4 kids and a head full of ever changing locks! Long or short, Heidi’s hair is gorgeous!

Ali Brown:  Ali is a Super (with a capital S!) business woman as far as I’m concerned.  Her ability to connect and coach women how to grow their businesses is a gift!  Ali is currently pregnant and expecting twins in May!  I’m excited to welcome her to the moms club!  Oh yes, Ali has super gorgeous hair, as you can see!  Connect with Ali on her website Listen in on her newest FREE coaching called The 5 Commitments: Proven Strategies for Women to Guarantee Success this Year.

Victoria Tsai: Founder of Tatcha, Victoria brings the rituals of Eastern beauty to the world. Tatcha Beauty Papers are the best I’ve tried and the line of skin care is the talk of the beauty world! I love how this mom of one wears her hair in such a beautiful, understated style. Victoria is the picture of simple elegance! Learn more about Tatcha at

Heather Gray: This mom of 2 is owner of Her handbags and accessories are often seen in national publications like People StyleWatch, Redbook, Real Simple and more! Heather’s hair is thick and wavy, giving her a sophisticated glamour! Be sure to follow Shop Suey on their blog and Facebook for weekly giveaways and celebrity looks for less fashion inspiration!

Kandee Johnson: Makeup artist, blogger and encourager, Kandee inspires her fans day after day.  Kandee knows how to laugh at herself and pours out love to those around her.  Just watch her videos, you’ll see her warmth immediately! She is seriously crazy fun! Kandee can be found touring the world with a makeup case and a smile!  You can find her online at and  Kandee is mother of 4 and recently cut her very long hair short!  While I loved her long, funky-layered hair she is definitely able to ROCK her short hair with some serious style!  So Hot!

Sarah James: Her hair is so sexy, she was featured on a Pantene commercial.  Truly, it is lust worthy (I think I am most drawn to the perfection of her side-swept bangs)!  So is her humor and gift for gab!  Check out Sarah on and her helpful videos on The Sarah James Show.  Sarah has 2 little ones and manages to always look super stylish! (SIDE NOTE: I have to share that as I am looking on Sarah’s site for a picture of her hair to include in this post, I came across her considering a total chop of her hair.  Total, like pixi-ish.  The reason?  “It’s just lately I feel like my hair has its own online persona or something. I’m over it.” Well Sarah, I hope you are not offended that I am including you on this post!  Long or short, I’d still feature you because regardless of length, you’ll always have healthy, gorgeous hair and you are a smart business woman….so there. )

Tricia Kelly: Tricia is mom of two and owner of  This store is a big deal in my town and online!  The clothes are fun, modern and totally affordable!  Tricia recently took her shoulder length hair to a very short cut that looks like the style Michelle Williams is now wearing.  SUPER CUTE!  I love a good short style on moms that can totally pull them off with sass and confidence!  She is teaching her two girls, by example, to embrace their own personal style!  You can also find Nectar Clothing on Facebook where they offer giveaways, fashion tips and discounts to their online store!

Lisa Lehmann: Superstar jewelry designer and rockstar mom of 4. Lisa has a great sense of personal style.  I adore that she embraces her natural curls! You must check out Lisa’s jewelry designs (I own several pieces- I”m obsessed!) on and follow her fabulous life on her blog.

Jessica Alba: Since having children, Jessica has become an amazing spokesperson for moms.  The fact that she started a company out of wanting a healthier world for her children is just awesome!  I love her mission and how she has stepped up to make us all aware of the health hazards in our world. Her company, The Honest Company, gives us safer product options for our home, baby and beauty needs. She, of course, has super fabulous hair and her styles are effortlessly glamorous!

Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein: Partners in business, Denise and Melissa have done something no other mom has done…they brought moms to the runway!  They co-created and co-hosted the first mom fashion show, called Strut, that presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center!  I love their mission to give moms a voice outside the ordinary!  Check out to learn more about their work!  Layers, length and waves…2 more smart, gorgeous heads of hair!

Are you inspired? These women prove you CAN have it all…beauty, brains, success and family!

Use their example to gear up and get going in your life, if you aren’t already. With proper planning, great products, a fabulous cut and a good attitude, you can do it!

Know an online business mom with great hair? Give her a shout-out in the comments below!


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