Inside the Boom Boom Room 2013

Don’t you love new experiences? I do! While I am less adventurous when it comes to food, I am always up for an adventure in meeting new people and attending new events! It keeps life interesting and gives me something to talk about with my husband besides homeschooling and blogging! (he’s a trooper but I know he tires of the topics!)

Last Saturday I was invited to attend the exclusive pre-Golden Globes gifting suite, the Boom Boom Room 2013 organized by Jayneoni Moore ! This was it’s 7th year and let me tell you, it will be around for a very long time if the organizers so choose! This year it was held in the Hilton Universal, right across from Universal City amusement park. This gifting suite is perfect for parents who are expecting, have infants or preschoolers. I brought along my daughter, who is eight, and she was absolutely thrilled with her experience there!

My favorite part was meeting all the creative business owners, many of which were moms who dreamed up an amazing gadget or toy out of their own need. Don’t you just love women for their entrepreneurial spirits? We were blessed to come home with BAGS of products to sample and gift (no baby items needed in this home!). My daughter “adopted” several new stuffed animals and I made some really fantastic business connections that I can’t wait to re-connect with!

We’ll be reviewing many of the items on but for now, I wanted to share some of the many brands that impressed us with their smart, family-friendly products:

For Dad:

Daddy Scrubs  Dad’s need some identity during the arrival of a new baby! Daddy Scrubs provide it with an “I’m the Daddy” logo. Super cool and way more stylish than what he might put on before making a mad rush to the hospital…don’t leave it to chance, get the Daddy Scrubs! (other great gifts for Dads too!)

For Mom:

Majestic Home Goods  The best family-friendly fabric bean bags, ottomans, pet beds and chairs! The fabrics are awesome!

Molly’s Suds  Laundry soap (+ more!) free of parabens and harsh chemicals.  This is important for the health of your family. PLEASE, check this site out and if you are moved (you will be!), give the product a try!

NapiNol  A dual-purpose ointment that’s so versatile, it helps heal and protect against baby’s diaper rash and nursing mom’s sore nipples.  Must-have for new moms!

My Baby’s First Heartbeat Bear  Record your baby’s heart beat while s/he is still in your tummy. Cherish the sound of that “helicopter” forever! (I so wish I had this when I was pregnant! The sound actually brought tears to my eyes at the show! So sweet! Wonder if an expecting friend would record one for me and I can pretend it’s my own child?)

the bump  Get pregnancy information, baby advice and parenting tips

Pure Matters  All-natural, wholesome vitamins, minerals and supplements

Use Me Products  Refill, Reuse, Repeat is the concept behind Use Me! Products, an organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, eco-friendly hair care brand. (products smell ah-mazing!)

Elephant and Apple Stroller frame bags that help Mom carry difficult stuff! (think umbrellas, flower bouquets, a bakery fresh bread that you don’t want squished!). A major Mom helper!

Back Buddy  This pillow has got your back…literally!  Back support is so important new nursing moms! This pillow helps relieve the pain and discomfort by offering proper support.

Latchy Catchys Allows you to open and close any interior door silently. No more clicks of a knob, or slams of a door; just the peaceful sounds of your little one fast asleep.

For Kids:

Namaste Kid Yoga adventures for kids.  Yes, adventures! The Once Upon a Mat is the best yoga for kids I have ever seen. Even my 8 year old LOVED it! (Watch for her review soon!)  Watch a clip on their website and you’ll see what I mean.  If you have little ones, this is definitely worth the inexpensive $15.49!

Once Upon a TreeHouse Adorable handmade, eco-friendly, made in the USA dolls, doll houses and accessories.  Perfect for your princess, I know mine loves her little Eden doll and horse! (more on MCG)

Johnny’s Animals Private parties building your own stuffed animals! Great for birthdays, school fundraisers or non-profit events! Custom animal tees made for your event (REALLY cool biz!)

Luca & Company  All I am going to say is…. 3D Play Carpets.  AWESOME!  Oh yeah, and a really cool fun pod for toddlers to safely help in the kitchen. The artwork is fun too! Check them out!

Tag Tailz  3-in-1 Fashion Accessory (a blinged-out hair elastic that works in with your or your daughter’s wardrobe in multiple ways!)

Monkey Mat A portable, multi-purpose mat that allows your children to play on the floor in airports, parks, fitness activities…any place without worry of messy grounds.  Folds into a small , portable bag.

Funkins  Fun cloth napkins for kids. Eco-friendly, personal and colorful! Can also be used as a placemat! Your child’s entire class will want one!

Garden in the Koop: Getting families and kids into the garden with a variety of cool “learning boxes” that teach the importance of the garden and planet. (Super cool, one of our favorite vendors to visit!)

Olive Kids  Colorful, unique decor and gifts that let kids’ imaginations soar

Little Cosmetics  Totally fake, totally adorable cosmetics for your “little me”. Safe and mess-free!

Chalk Preschool Online preschool- so modern! Also physical schools in LA and Chicago.

Flatten Me  Personalized art and books using your child’s picture.

Tickle Time non-toxic, chemical-free mineral powder sunblock that is applied with a soft cosmetic-like brush, making sunscreen application fun!

Little Diva Tutus  Exactly what the name says, tutus for your little diva! Many colors/styles available, including “design your own”

Bean Patch and Co. Beautifully designed, well made, practical infant and baby products

Leap Frog: Educational toys! (We love Leap Frog, been a fan for years!)

For Baby:

Guava Kids baby mitten that stays on, engages baby’s senses, is gentle to the earth all while looking stylishly modern!

ZIPaboo  Baby footed onesie that makes diaper changes a ZIP with a strategically placed zipper.

Blooming BathThe most adorable bath mat that keeps your squirm baby safe while in the bath.   It’s a flower shaped bath pillow that conforms to the shape of any sink.  Made from natural antimicrobial components.

Refresh-a-Baby Baby bottle nipple/cap that adapts onto a water bottle, instantly converting the water bottle into a baby bottle without the hassle of having to remember to bring an actual baby bottle!

Kidsme A food feeder that is a safe and easy way for your child to enjoy fresh food.  BPA free

Ana Apple: Tricked-out threads crafted with conscience (Eco-friendly, ADORABLE apparel for infants!)

Made 2 Matche Gorgeous infant and toddler clothing designed and created by owner, Gina Gerot-Groh.

Zopheez Stylish jumpsuits for your little one. Easy diaper changes for you!

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  1. Jodie Massey says:

    Tammy, you forgot to mention BabyJackBlankets, this is a company started by Kelley Legler along with her mother-in-law. Their blankets are all hand made with different types of ribbons for babies to feel. All the ribbons are sewn shut but one for safety. Babies love to touch and feel the different ribbons along with the softness of the blankets. Everyone who saw them were in awe. Check out her website at

  2. Thanks Jodie! I did not see their info in the media kit and must have missed their booth. The blankets sound lovely! Thank you for adding their url!

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning our eco-friendly, refillable products! Nice meeting you at the Boom Boom Room!


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