The company isn’t making a big promotion out of it but Jordana Lorraine and I are because we are really excited!  Our favorite keratin hair treatment just got better! Brazilian Blowout™ is now FREE of ALL HYDE FAMILY CHEMICALS (formaldehyde, aldehyde, glutaraldehyde or any ‘hyde’)!  This is great news for anyone with a formaldehyde sensitivity or allergy! It’s a safer formula for the stylist, salon employees and clients of the salon, including the one receiving the Brazilian Blowout™!

Does it still cause eye irritation?

Tracy, one of A Mom in Red High Heels’ Mom Panel members and mom of 3, recently received the new Brazilian Blowout™ at the Argyle Salon and Spa in West Hollywood.  She only had mild irritation in her eyes and if she just closed her eyes for a few moments, it would go away. She was by an open window and did not wear a plastic eye shield.

If it doesn’t have Hyde-family chemicals, what does it have?

The Brazilian Blowout™ website states, “What makes the Brazilian Blowout™ treatment effective is our use of the Super Nutrient Complex in conjunction with a proprietary polymer system. This combination is what rounds the follicle, smooths the cuticle and repairs any preexisting damage.” The new improved Brazilian Blowout™ is made with a 3-berry formula!

How do we know it’s really Hyde-family free?

The official Brazilian Blowout website states, “The ONLY Professional Smoothing Treatment that improves the health of the hair. No Damage! and No harsh chemicals! NO FORMALDEHYDE!!” But we had Jordana do some investigating. She spoke with 3 different employees at the company (on three different days at three different times!) and is satisfied that the new formula indeed does not contain Hyde-family ingredients!  Great investigative reporting, Jordana!

Is the new formula in a new bottle?  How do I know if I am getting the latest hyde-free formula?

The bottle looks only slightly different but does not have anything on it marking it as a new formula. Many salons may not even carry it yet as they are using up their stock of the older formula. Be sure to ask if the formula they are going to use on you is the newest Brazilian Blowout product.

Does the new formula last as long as the old formula?

I asked Jordana if the treatment with the new formula lasted as long (up to 12 weeks) as the older formula. As a stylist, Brazilian Blowout Expert and someone who uses the treatment on herself, she said she hasn’t notice a difference in length of time the treatment lasts.  You can count on it lasting 10-12 weeks if the Acai After-Care Maintenance product line is used.

Is it safer now?  Can pregnant women use it?

While this is a safer formula for clients and stylists alike, keep in mind it is still not recommended that pregnant or nursing women receive the Brazilian Blowout™.  Find out more in “The Truth: Can I Have a Keratin Treatment While Pregnant?

I’m thrilled with the formula change of Brazilian Blowout™ and can’t wait for my next treatment in preparation for summer!

What do you think? Does the safer formula appeal to you? Will you be getting a Brazilian Blowout™ to help your hair become smooth, shiny and frizz-free?

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contact: 310-922-2645

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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.


  1. Re Damage. In 6/10 someone had a problem with that specific process. The website had good suggestions. The process is becoming more popular, but unfortunately they are not your clones and I think the professionals and customers are not prepared for what could happen if something goes wrong. That’s why I love your blog! You have good, reasonable information. Thanks!

  2. @Donna it is unfortunate that the article you posted does not include any dates, and that it generalized many treatments into the same category. I can tell you that I have done over 400 keratin treatments (7 different types) and never had one such complaint. Proper application and processing is of the utmost importance! I recommend researching a stylist thoroughly. For tips on this, see here:

  3. I had a Brazilian blowout done two days ago at a very famous Los Angeles salon. My hair which is moderately wavy is now flat, lifeless with no volume and no bounce. I was told this is temporary lasting about a month. The treatment lasts 3 months which means if I am lucky, I will have some life in my hair for 2 months at a cost of 400.00 (treatment and all the products).

    Will never, ever do this treatment again.

  4. @Kate I am very sorry to hear of your disappointing experience. It does not have to be this way! BB can be modified to keep some body in the hair, and it was the stylist’s responsibility to gather information such as your desired results. If you ind yourself curious to try it again, I would be happy to help you. My salon is not at all famous but I have done over 400 of these treatments on a wide variety of hair textures and I would welcome the opportunity to show you how great Brazilian Blowout can be for you! (Click my name to see my website)

  5. pretty obvious plug from friend
    funny their were no vents for the fist 300 or so people ?
    didn’t find out until later about proper venting?
    HMMM makes me wonder what else not really known
    like maybe the real ingredients?
    would roots fruis and berries really make your eyes burn
    and would you need vents for these so called non toxic procedures?
    how about the otheres in the salon who are just their to get hair cut?
    Now they are exposed to these fumes ?
    But it’s only Berries right??? wow
    what people will say because it’s big business especially in a slow economy

  6. The only way to know for sure this product is actually free of these chemicals is to have it lab tested. This particular brand tested at 8% glutaraldehyde. Test it for yourself. I urge you. You are using and promoting unsafe solutions. I can not wait till the government steps in and bans these treatments.

  7. @yolanda A friend of what or whom? Tammy (the blogger) is a client who is writing news about a service she receives and loves. I (a hairdresser) am contributing to these posts with my professional opinion and research done via Brazilian Blowout.

    In my salon, we use a special air filtration system, not just a vent. So the fumes are filtered before they are released into the public air. We also do this treatment in a separate room with this air filter, to protect any clients or staff who may be pregnant, or like yourself would prefer not to be around it.

  8. @Jamie if you have such groundbreaking information as test results showing this, why don’t you share them with the group? These tests are quite expensive so forgive me if I question that you’ve had them done. Or better yet, prove me wrong and email them to me. Jordana Lorraine at gmail dot com.

    My guess is, you were told this by a company who wishes to compete with Brazilian Blowout, and they didn’t show you proof either. At least that’s what happened when a rep came into my salon.

  9. The results of many brands tested will be published when all the results are completed. I’ll let you know when and where they are published. The tests are being done by certified labs. The test kits to test it yourself are not that expensive. If you google “Formaldehyde test kit” you can find many brands. What you are filtering out of the air and protecting your clients from if this product is free of harmful chemicals? Do your clients question being taken to a separate room to have these treatments? What is in the product that requires the company to advise the use of eye goggles and a mask?

  10. @Jamie Thank you, I will be very curious to see these results when they come out. I presume these certified labs are being very careful to separate one brand name from another. There is a lot of confusion, for example your statement that the company advises goggles and a mask. Brazilian Blowout has never advised such. I have heard that another company called Brazilian Keratin, which contains significant levels of formalin, does recommend a mask for both stylist and client.

    To answer your question about our treatment room, clients understand that many hair services can cause irritation (some more than others, and some clients are bothered by some which others are not) and they appreciate that we have taken the initiative to keep them more comfortable than other salons.

  11. We do the Brazilian Blowout in the salon I work at. I will admit, the results are amazing, and the guests are very pleased. I’m just having a hard time honestly recommending it to anyone, because I am not 100% sure of it’s safety. I haven’t seen an ingredient list, but based on my body’s physical reaction to it every time one is performed, it just doesn’t seem right.

  12. An industry that faces little regulation is a good place for a dishonest group of people to make a lot of money! After researching multiple blogs and manufacturers web sites , I have decided not to try the brazilian blowout or any other keratin treatment- thanks to all the people who posted concerns and issues with the treatments. Even after the -aldehyde “free” formula, many people are still complaining of the fumes and hair falling out- really scarry, NO THANKS!

  13. The results are published now. It’s not looking good for BB.
    I’m truly sorry Jordana. I’m sure you really believe in the product. It’s only a matter of time before this and many products like it come off the market. It wouldn’t have been so bad if this brand hadn’t been deceitful about the ingredients.

  14. @Jamie: Thanks for the article link Jamie. The formula that was tested (noted in the article as a product from 8/31/09) is actually a formula used before Brazilian Blowout claimed to be Formaldehyde free. While it absolutely raises questions of honesty and safety, we need to sit tight and wait for the results from the “new” formula to be tested, “CROET is awaiting analytical results for a product named Acai Professional Smoothing Solution (formaldehyde free) originally shipped by Brazilian Blowout on 8/12/2010. We will report on the analytical finding for this sample as we receive it.”

    Should it be found to contain Formaldehyde we will report on it as soon as we hear!

    The correct link to the article for anyone wishing to read it:

  15. @Jamie Thank you for posting the link. As Tammy pointed out, the product tested in this article is over a year old, and I too am curious to see the results of the more recent tests. There is one important distinction to be made here: while it will be a huge let-down if it is revealed BB has been dishonest about their ingredients, this article does not say (as you did) that the product should be banned.

    These products do not need to be removed from the market. Rather, training should be more specified and salons should be required to provide a safe environment if they wish to offer this service.

    As it stands now, any beauty school graduate who works in the back of a beauty supply store can watch a video and be “certified” to offer this service in her stuffy little room. If she does it improperly, and/or the air is not circulated and purified, she and her clients are in danger and this is what is not acceptable.

    Those of us who take measures to protect our clients and ourselves should not be prevented from offering a service that is overwhelmingly popular, nor should the public be denied this amazing service if offered in a safe way.

  16. Oh my gosh, you guys! What ever happened to the freedom to choose for ourselves??? The people here who are bashing the BB need to get a life. A client who comes into the salon for a BB, expecting a chemical -free service, likely just pulled her head of the sandbox.

    Do you get my drift?? Let these poor, and by “poor” I mean glossy-haired women, choose for themselves. We are regulated to the hilt in so many aspects of our lives. I mean c’mon, we shoot Botulism into our foreheads!!!! We KNOW beauty comes with a certain price.

    Please consider that your hell-bent intentions on perhaps criminalizing the Brazilian services of any kind might likely take our livelihoods. This service has allowed me to support my family through the roller coaster ride that is my husband’s job security. I was busy before, but did not make enough to pay all necessities of life, should my hubby lose his job.

    I am not a Santa Monica stylist charging $400.00 a day. Kudos to y’all. I am simply a talented Encinitas, CA stylist paying my taxes and likely contributing in some sort of way to the nay-sayers children’s education.

    Do you see where I am going with this??? And trust me, I didn’t write this hastily. I already have imagined the many rebuttles that could be made to each and every statement. Just think about what you do before you go protesting everything. Worry about yourselves. If you don’t want to breathe the chemical, safe or unsafe, don’t get the service.

    Thank-you all for listening

  17. Donna Asfar

    Jennifer, the problem is that the company is not being upfront about the possible side effects and possibly the ingredients. I was extremely eager about doing a Brazilian treatment and wanted to research it on the web to make sure that I would be getting the best one. While doing this research, I read horror stories about women’s hair falling out (especially at the temples) and the results in some cases being less than stellar. It seems that this process is not the greatest for hair that is thin and fine (which mine is). Not all hairstylists are going to be honest and let’s face it, you already admitted that your livlihood is dependent on such processes. I am sure that for each horror story there are ten other stories of how well the process works. Right now, I am refraining from having this done and will just use my Instyler and de-frizzer…. People don’t want to put hairdressers out of work, we just want someone to be honest about any potential side effects (at least the Botox people put out disclaimers and a list of potential side effects). Not to mention that before a procedure such as Botox, the doctor will go over the side effects and actually get you to sign a waiver. Then again, if hairdressers had to tell potential clients that their hair may fall out, break off, etc. etc., the client would most likely think twice about doing it.

  18. If you want to gamble with your health go ahead but I believe customers should be made aware of exactly what they are getting themselves into. Skin conditions can be caused by formaldehyde and if we are talking about the skin on your head that means that you will suffer hair loss. Some people will still go ahead and have this done just like some people still choose to smoke cigarettes. But all cigarette packages come with a written warning on the box. That is an informed decision. Not disclosing all the risks is devious. As a hairstylist you have a right to know the risks that you are taking too.

  19. Amanda Peco

    Brazilian blowout does not contain anything that is more harmful to you than any other chemical you are working with in your salon. Do you know exactly what is in the haircolor you use everyday? The bleach? The perm solution? The peroxide? Now, all of a sudden we are so concerned about Brazilian Blowout. Get a life!! I do two a day. No problems. There is a problem when you are not trained properly and you use too much product or place it on the scalp. No chemical is safe in the hands of an untrained stylists. Try putting too much perm solution on your clients head…..I think that would burn badly!! Wake up and stop bitching about nothing.

  20. Hi guys.

    You are right, in that there should be a list of potential side effects. I too, did my research in the beginning. Very thorough research, as a matter of fact. I learned why some use formaldehyde in the first place, what the differences are, etc. The long-term problem is that formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. Yuck! The short-term is that is irritates the surface of the lungs. Double yuck! That’s why I, as a stylist decided to opt for the formaldehyde-free BB.

    It’s all very unfortunate that we have these doubts and questions while BB continues to make, what I’m sure by now is, millions of dollars. I’m crossing my fingers that it all turns out OK. But for the record, I have done hundreds of BBs by now and have had ZERO complaints. Honestly. The same possible irritation can be said for hair color, so maybe let’s reserve judgment until there is more proof.

    In the meantime, it continues to provide miraculous results for myself and my clients.

  21. Indnprn6

    I am currently researching different websites looking for a “true” chemical free product that will tame my hair. I have natural ethnic hair and have been chemical free for almost three years. Though I am not yet aware of any product that will straighten my hair without chemicals I was very hopeful about the BB. I agree that clients hold a certain level of responsibility when deciding to use a product although that product should thoroughly identify all ingredients and possible side effects. Some may decide not to go with the product but I guarantee many will still opt to use it. Women have used far more harmful products in the past in the name of “beauty”. So BB, please accurately list your ingredients so I can make an informed decision. Thank you and many blessings to you : )

  22. Brutally honest

    Nothing made of dandelions and raindrops will alter your hair for 3 months…if you want to be ‘natural,’ be natural. The gentler a product is, the less impact it will have on the hair, especially tougher textures.

  23. I want all hairdressers out there to know that it is NOT hyde free and the company is lying to us and is going to cause side effects on are health!!! How is this right i ask????? We as hairdressers should be aware of this because without the proper ventilation and mask and gloves we can end up damaging are lungs, headaches and noise and throat burning! Who knows what else!! I ask is this worth it!!! I know for a fact that this products has 2% hyde in it because i am having these symptoms and when i contacted my distributor about this and wanted the chemical data sheet on it for my doctor—-well guess what— HYDE is in it!!!!! im now working with a lawyer and if there are any other hairdressers out there suffering from using this product please contact me on this site and i will get in touch with you in this matter!!!!! are FDA needs to step up to these companies and push a law to have all chemicals listed on products and not under perfumes!!!!

  24. concerned about health

    Earlier today I had the newest and suppossably “hyde free” Brazillian Blowout with the all natural ingredients at my salon and after I left the salon I started having shortness of breath and a terrible head ache so I googled it and found this thread. I am still having these symptoms and cannot sleep. My eyes burned and teared up so badly while my stylest was applying the treatment, we tried to go near the vent but it really didn’t help my symptoms. The burning did subside when I left the salon and got into the fresh air. This is the second time I have had this treament. The first time was four months ago in June and I had similar milder symptoms but today was unbearable. My eyes teared up so much that it washed all the make-up off my eyes and at one point It burned so badly I had to keep my eyes closed. I do love the results and my hair looks fabulous but it is not worth risking my health? Does anyone know if I have put my health at risk? What happens if these chemicals did get into my lungs? Should I have any tests run at the doctor for my symptoms or will this just go away in time? Please let me know if anyone knows anything about the side effects of this treatment. Thank you!

  25. A note to those leaving comments. While you have the right to express your opinion on these threads I must stand firm that ALL comments with inappropriate language will be deleted. If you can’t come up with a more respectful way to express your opinion then please don’t leave a comment. Thank you.

  26. Patty Molina

    @ Jordana, I wanted to let you guys know when I talk to Brazilian Blowout they told me my bottle that I purchase back in January 2010 was aldehyde free? I hope they didn’t lie to me but my new bottle that I received Sept 2010 doesn’t seem to shine the hair as much as my old bottle did hmmm? Now they have that shine spray so I am bummed that this blog saids they went aldehyde free April 2010. Will I ever know unless I get both bottle tested. Just letting you know.

  27. Did the Brazilian Blowout on myself today at the salon. I’m a licensed cosmetologist. The bottle said “Formaldehyde Free.” I also read online on the Brazilian Blowout official site that they are counter suing the Oregon testing labsl who did test for the California Attorney General’s office who is suing Brazilian Blowout for toxic and cancer causing ingredients not listed on the bottles. Well, BB site states that there own tests proved no danger or levels in the salon tested when the product was next to the client and stylist. Here’s the thing that stuck out at me after just doing the technique on myself today. There is no irritation with the BB formula UNTIL HEAT IS APPLIED! HEAT applied causes the fumes and the watering eyes and burning nasal passages and all that. HEAT applied with that product is the problem. It will be interesting to see what the ATTORNEY GENERAL’s OFFICE comes up with now. They are suing BB as of December 2010. Here is the link Like I said, BB is counter suing the Oregon testing facility.

    To wrap this up, my hair is smoother, but I had to run out of the room a few times when blow drying my hair because the fumes engulfed me and burned my sinus’s and my throat and my eyes watered. Smooth hair is not worth this obviously toxic product.

  28. @Lisa As you said, you’re a licensed cosmetologist. Are you also Brazilian Blowout Certified? I ask because the way it is taught, one could never do it properly on oneself. To take proper sections and spread the recommended amount of product (appx one tablespoon) evenly throughout the hair and not on the scalp would be nearly impossible as you cannot see your head from most angles. The stylist’s face should be arm’s length away because they are blowdrying it, and the client should never have the air flow of the dryer pointing toward her face. During ironing, the steam should rise directly up and not toward either the stylist or the client. Of course there are external factors, like what’s happening at the station next to you, but that can be worked around by arranging clients and stylists with respect to what they are having done.

    In any case there is no way a person could safely do this on themself. Please do not judge the product based on your misuse of it.

    Brazilian Blowout is suing OR-OSHA for the damages cause by the latter party’s publishing and distributing information that independent researchers have found to be untrue. The CA Attorney General’s office is suing BB based on the findings which are in question in the aforementioned lawsuit. No one is “counter-suing,” unless you have information that the public does not (in which case please by all means do share it.)

    It will be several months at best before an outcome is determined. In the meantime, if you don’t want to use it or get it done, don’t. But please broadcast your opinion as fact, especially when it is based on improper use of the product.

  29. Yes, I’m certified. Getting certified online is a breeze. Because I did this on myself really didn’t prove a difference compared to the other stylists in our salon applying it on their clients. They are constantly turning away and making stinky faces to each other. We’re all certified. The product works. My hair is smooth. It’s just if BB was on the up and up from the beginning, no reformulation would ever have had to be done. Also, by mentioning “counter suing,” yes I just mentioned that wrong. Basically, these companies are suing each other though. Again, I can’t help to wonder if the OSHA tests were done near the stylist while heat was applied. Getting facts from any rep at BB is going to be biased. I will watch what’s going on in the courts.

  30. Hmmm. One more thing to remember. Make sure they were certified by taking a class, in person!

  31. I will admit it was not smart of me to do it on myself, but i wanted to see for myself how it works on my extremely course thick curly hair- despite the fumes that have bothered me. I didn’t pull the hair toward myself when drying, but by sitting there the fumes probably engulfed me more than normally. Honestly, the stuff has burned my nose so much and other stylists when the process is done in salon on clients. I consider offering this service too cause it works and is just a GOLD MINE for stylists, but I’m concerned about the health risks for myself and stylists using it everyday with no long term study available and all the crazy controversy. Now, I’m interested in the Zerran vegan protein formula called Reform. Sounds so much more pleasant using vegetable proteins and it’s animal and eco-friendly, but not sure of how well it works yet. Researching, but it sounds like a healthier choice and vegan/animal friendly products are always a win win!

  32. @Karen Thanks, you took the words right out of my mouth. The online certification is the easy way, and is definitely not an adequate substitute for a live class, where stylists see a process done from start to finish, and can ask questions. The original training actually included a hands-on workshop, where we did a Brazilian Blowout treatment under the trainers’ supervision, but sadly that has been discontinued.

    @Lisa the most likely causes of your (and your co-workers’) troubles with BB are too much solution being used and/or inadequate ventilation. I would encourage you to take a live class; they list dates and locations on their website. As far as ventilation is concerned, you’d have to consult with your salon’s HVAC rep to see what the best options are. It’s good that you are researching other products; I have tried 6 others and am offering 5.

    I just don’t think it’s fair for you to bash Brazilian Blowout based on the experience as you described it.

  33. How about the new Brazilian Blowout Zero? Has anyone tried it, and/or had it tested for the toxic “hyde” fumes?

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences and facts as you find them published.

  34. I finally know one person who’s had the process done and his course, lightened, caucasian hair is so much smoother and now looks shinny. Since I’m African american-ish, I’d like to meet someone like me who’s had it done. I just heard about another product called Keragreen. Not much about it on the web. I’m protective of my hair since age seems to have made it more sensitive and it doesn’t grow as fast now that I’m in my 40’s. So, still researching until I can find the appropriate process.

  35. @Susan Brazilian Blowout Zero is great! See it here, compared side-by-side with the original solution.:

    The Brazilian Blowout website proudly lists the ingredients and shows test results:

    If you are in Southern California, enter here to have it done for FREE!

  36. Hmmm, no one seems to mention that Methylene glycol is a liquid and formaldehyde is a gas. SO IN FACT the BB “is” formaldehyde free. When you open the lid of a BB container do you hear a spewing sound as the gas escapes? No…then it must contain Methylene glycol A LIQUID. Do the clients BREATH Methylene glycol, a liquid? They would drown wouldn’t they? DO you rub it onto their skin? NO…it’s not a BB facial is it?
    SOOO….the only question is “How much formaldehyde GAS is released when heated?” According to OSHA it averaged .079 (APRX)and all measurements were within the OSHA’s stringent guidelines. Were they LYING?
    Ask any chemist without a dog in the fight..”IS Methylene glycol and formaldehyde the same thing”.
    If they are competent they will answer “Not only is Methylene glycol NOT formaldehyde, it ceases to be even related once created, it leaves the aldehyde group and becomes a glycol more related to alcohol than formaldehyde. The confusion come when hysteria takes over science. The hysteria trigger seems to be that Methylene glycol is made by combining formaldehyde and water.
    Well, hydrogen is the most explosive gas on earth but when combined with one part oxygen is ceases to be a BOMB!
    If it’s within OSHA’s guideline why a controversy? Your car spews more toxins,including formaldehyde than all the BBs.
    Are you ready to walk?

  37. Iam a certified brazilian blow out stylist and I would never attempt this service on myself. We use only the Zero in our salon (personal choice for cleint safety) we have no problems with fumes when applied properly there should be minimal smell. When applied with a heavy handed application you will have smell and fumes. A live class and some training would be a great Idea this has been a career changing investment for myself and my salon we have never seen such an increase from a single process.I hope these posts do not discurage any consumer from a amazing amino acid protein derived conditioning staightening system…..your hair will thank you

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  39. Regarding safety and fumes – I had color and brazilian blowout done in northern VA. Honestly the fumes from the color for me were very close to unbearable (I don’t know why), but I did not notice any fumes from the blow out (and I am very sensitive to chemicals- I can’t even use most cleaning products) it stung my eyes a teeny bit but that was it.

    My hair before the blowout was so hideous, it would take me 3 hrs and a motherload of products/tools to tame it, then walk outside and back to total fuzz again. I have struggled with it for so long in such dire frustration that even though I am super health conscious – I’m willing to take whatever consequences may come because the stress of dealing with frizzy, brittle, overprocessed, crap hair that is impossible to keep nice in humid weather is a total nightmare.

    I figure if you take care of your health daily then breathing in some toxic stuff once every 4 mos is probably not gonna hurt you. For me I would practically DRINK the formaldahyde if it was the only way to get rid of this horrible hair drama.

    BTW I love my hair now, it’s silky for the first time in years and has stopped breaking off. From my experience the blow out makes your hair stronger and less breakable. I will never ever quit doing it.

    hope this helps anyone on the fence about trying it- if your hair was serious raging crap like mine and making you non-stop miserable, brazilian blowout will totally change your life. Weighing the pros and cons – it was totally worth it.

  40. BUYERS BEWARE!!! I, too, am experiencing extensive hair loss after having received the Brazilian Blowout a month and a half ago and was never warned by my hair care professional. The worst is while washing my hair with the expensive, recommended Keratin shampoo and conditioner. The drain is FILLED with my hair and while blow drying my hair, more comes out. Throughout the day I have hair falling out which comes out in my hand. As much as I love the smoothness and straightness provided by the treatment, I’ve lost a very noticeable, significant amount of hair and just hope that it will grow back over time. My days of straight, smooth hair will just have to be over if I want to maintain ANY hair on my head at all.

  41. Tony Miller

    Real diseases can be caused by the Nocebo effect. and various individuals can be allergic to ANYTHING.
    It is important to seek out real science not good old boy junk science and fear mongering. True science shows all Brazilian Blowout solutions to be twice as safe as required by OSHA. The resulting hysteria caused by false reports will cause far more harm to the public than ALL keratin treatments. Real diseases can be caused by rumor and the resulting fear.
    Remember, governmental agencies protect themselves by making the case for the absolute worse case possible. This also creates the maximum amount of free press and fear to justify their huge salaries and pensions. No one can fight back as they have unlimited free lawyers and the might of government to crush opposition. Bullies always have their suck ups trying to be on the supposed victors side but the truth is on BB’s side and when done correctly is very safe.

  42. For starters- anyone who tell you that there is less than a 65% chance of your hair falling out after you do a Brazilian blowout is lying to you. I and a friend both did it-she did it before me and we both experienced great hair loss a day after we gt our treatments. Mine was 7 months ago and I’m still experiencing hair loss. And if you’re gonna say it was a coincidence Google Brazilian
    blowout hair loss. Read all the blogs. Then tell me it doesn’t happen.
    I respect that some of you make a living this way but I have made this my personal crusade-every girl who does this should be warned and warned again that there is a great chance of her hair falling out and should have to speak to some one who this has happened to. Because you don’t know the emotional pain and trauma you go through as a girl who is losing hair. If it didn’t happen to you, you got lucky.
    And don’t tell me the formula has changed now because people are blogging about their hair falling out and they did their treatments a week ago.
    And I had a certified stylist, using the real Brazilian blowout product do mine.