Big Event Beauty Prep

My friend Rebecca is heading to a fitness conference to be a featured speaker! Yay Rebecca! She’ll be speaking in front of the attendees as well as on a web feed for those unable to attend the show. The girl has got to look good!

Now, her body is amazing and fit. No problem there. We shopped for her outfit together and got her a great short sleeve cardi in coral that is bright for onstage and shows off her gorgeous, strong arms. We also found some gorgeous wedge sandals with a snakeskin platform. I adore them and so does Rebecca!  The shoes are comfortable for her time standing on stage and fun enough to attract compliments throughout the week at the conference! We also found a statement necklace that I may have to borrow! She plans on wearing a bangle bracelet that she already owns. (when speaking, never wear jingling jewelry!) She’ll be wearing brown pants that she already owned.

Rebecca still has some questions about her big day look.  Specifically:

  • I look and feel tired from very little sleep…puffy eyes.
  • I need a natural tanner
  • How should I do my nails

Since Rebecca has  a few days before her speech, here are my suggestions leading up to the big day.  These will help you too if you have something coming up that you want to look extra special for.

A Few Days Out

  • Sleep.  Obviously when you leave for a trip, you have a zillion things to do before leaving.  I know.  I’m guilty of staying up much too late for days leading up to a trip.   Sleep is still my number one beauty tip (that I need to follow myself!).  Skin heals itself during sleep and no cream can do it better.
  • Drink lots of water.  Never a concern for Rebecca, she cares around a gallon water jug!
  • Detox.  Go ahead and load up on the fiber and get those toxins out of your body! Your skin will look brighter and clearing in just a day or two!
  • Deep cleansing mask.  Give yourself a mini spa hour. Start with a mud mask and 15 minutes off your feet.
  • Take a long shower.  Exfoliate.  Le Edge is a fun little tool to use.  It literally scrapes, in a non-painful way, off the dead skin cells!  Also, deep condition your hair.  We are currently using Redken Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Mask at our house.
  • Apply self-tanner after shower.  My favorite, favorite, favorite self-tanner is St. Tropez Whipped Bronze Mousse, available on  For a drugstore brand, Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer is beautiful but does take a several days worth of application to get a good glow.
  • Whiten Teeth.  Being in the spotlight means you need a 100 Watt smile!  Go Smile is a great product for helping you acheive a stage-worthy set of teeth! (No time? See below!)

Treating your skin and hair with extra TLC leading up to a big event does make a difference, even if it’s just a day or two of special care!

Big Day Beauty Prep

  • Rebecca is specifically concerned about under eye bags.  Using an eye  product with caffeine will really help reduce puffiness! The must-have product? Eyes Wide Open™ Instant Refreshing and Depuffing Eye Gel by Philosophy.
  • Nails.  Rebecca wears fake nails when she does her fitness competitions.  It’s kind of part of the dress code.  I’m personally SO OVER the long, fake nail.  I prefer a natural length so what I’m recommending to her is one of two things…get a gel polish put on at the salon.  It will last a couple of weeks without chipping.  I’ve had it done once but really don’t like the removal process.  I’m not going back to a salon to get color removed and at home it took me a long time.  Who has time for that? Well, maybe lots of women make the time because lots of women apparently love this application.  My second suggestion to Rebecca is to keep her nails short, filed and wear a light, neutral color.  If it chips during her busy conference schedule, it can quickly be repaired with the polish that she brings along with her.  Light shades are my go to nail colors for every day.  Metallic silver, pale pink or creamy beige look so sophisticated and is easy to maintain. L’Oreal Paris offers many amazing shades available at mass retailers.  Apply a top coat every 1-2 days after you’ve applied color polish.

L'Oreal Paris "How Romantic" Colour Riche Nail

  • Concealer is a must. A MUST. Don’t show your face on a big day without covering any dark spots, zits or under eye circles. I still love Arbronne the best but Pixi has a great Wakeup concealer too!
  • If you don’t have 5-7 days to whiten your teeth, use 3D Crest Whitestrips and get a whiter smile in just 2 hours!

These tips are not just for Rebecca and those speaking on stage! Use these to get ready for any big event… a reunion, a wedding, a date night with your special guy! Anything!

I can’t wait to hear all about Rebecca’s experience.  I hope she climbs up on stage feeling beautiful, confident and ready to share her amazing story!

Do you have a question about beauty, fashion or hair?  Use the Ask Tammy form and submit your question! Chances are if you are wondering, someone else is too!

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  1. Hi Tammy!! Thank you for the great tips! I feel extremely lucky to now know you as one of my dearest friends.

    Shopping: You know I dread it! You made it so quick and to the point. And I walked out with a choice that suits my personality and style. Absolutely an awesome experience and I feel great about what we put together.

    Teeth and Skin: I’ve chosen to use the quick 2 hr 3D white strips

    Nails: The conference starts tomorrow and I don’t speak til Saturday. After we spoke I was concerned about chipping also and I opted for the gel as you suggested. I just got home in fact and love the clean fresh look of the color we selected.

    Sleep: Ahhhhh…..As you know I’ve been crazy busy making sure all my clients are cared for and set up for awesome workouts and remote coaching while I’m away. Soooooo, I’m hoping I’ll get the sleep in once I’m at the conference and at least I’ll have a couple good nights of sleep before I speak. Not ideal, but it will do!

    Thank you for taking care of all my details so I feel as confident and polished as possible for this BIG event.

    You are amazingly talented, I am blessed to have your help!

  2. Rebecca, you always look amazing and your spirit shines through! You’ll be fabulous and gorgeous on stage! Taking those extra steps, like the outfit and nails, will give you that extra boost of confidence for your speaking debut! I can’t wait to see the look put together! Please take a picture to share!! 🙂