We all love to look beautiful, there is no question about it.  What is even better is when we are healthy and beautiful!

Your smile is your best accessory and as we close out 2012 in a few weeks, I want you to question your mouth’s health.  Is it as germ free as it could be?  Are your gums healthy?  Are your teeth strong?  If you think you could improve in one or more of these areas, I have a super easy and affordable solution for you.

Beyond a beautiful smile is a healthy smile!

I was sent a tube of Colgate Total® Advanced Fresh + Whitening and a Colgate® 360o ® Total® Advanced Toothbrush to try.  The first time I used the toothpaste my mouth burned! Ouch! You know what that was telling me?  That the toothpaste I was using before it was not doing a good job of killing the germs!  The more I used Colgate Total, the less I noticed the intense feeling.  My mouth is cleaner now thanks to Colgate Total!  I notice fresher breath lasting longer after I brush too, which is great plus!

What Colgate Total can do for your mouth:

  • In 12 hours – reduce 90 percent more germs
  • In 24 hours – helps fortify enamel
  • In 6 weeks – improve gum health
  • Advanced whitening system helps remove surface stains

A beautiful smile is at it’s best when it’s healthy!  Make it a goal to let your inner beauty shine by taking steps to a healthier body.  Start with your smile!  Make the coming years your healthiest year yet! Combine the use of Colgate Total® Advanced Fresh + Whitening toothpaste and Colgate® 360o ® Total® Advanced Toothbrush for optimal mouth health!

Colgate products are available at most mass retailers and grocery stores nationwide.  Please note, the Colgate Total Advanced formula is an adult formula and not recommended for kids under age 6.

For more information, visit Colgate.com.

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