Shop Now: Benefit to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

We have all been touched by the devastation caused by Super Storm Sandy.  I know many people that I work with daily who live in New York and surrounding areas.  I watched my Twitter feed and my inbox become silent of east coast friends.  I saw the news images of the massive amounts of damage.  I may be on the west coast but I feel the sadness and worry of those living in the aftermath of Sandy.

I also see beauty and kindness.  I see pictures of signs posted by those with electricity and hot water offering others a hot shower or phone charge.  I see people giving and praying.

Elise Lininger is one such person. Elise is taking action and making something happen instead of saying, “Oh I hope those people get the help they need!” The beauty is, you can team up with Elise and take action too!

Elise is a Stella & Dot consultant. She is donating ALL of her commission from sales (that is 30% of retail) to Red Cross. You can help in three ways:

  1. Place an order.  Do your holiday shopping!  Buy gifts for all the ladies in your life (don’t forget teachers, coaches and relatives!).  Not sure what to get?  How about a gift card? Your Christmas shopping will be wrapped up quickly and you’ll have made a donation!
  2. Make a wish list and get it to your  husband ASAP! Let him do the buying, you get the fabulous jewelry and you both get the satisfaction of helping!
  3. Share this fundraiser.  Get vocal on your social media channels!  Tell all your friends and family!  The more people who get involved, the more can be donated!

Here are a few of my favorite Stella & Dot items:

Get more details on Facebook or begin shopping now!  This fundraiser is running for 3 weeks.

Thanks for caring enough to help!

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