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Many women want to indulge themselves and say that how they look doesn’t matter. Truth is, it does matter. If you are living in the same world I am, your outer appearance counts. Is it the most important thing? Of course not. Does it benefit your relationships, self-confidence and bottom-line? Yes, it does.

If you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror, you can do something about it. You have more power than you think!

There are some simple steps to looking and feeling great:

  1. Go for a walk, get your blood flowing and your energy will flow too!
  2. Drink water.  Water is the great healer, cleansing your body of toxins.
  3. Change up your hairstyle.  Tired of looking frumpy in your ponytail? Take some time for yourself in the morning and actually style your hair or consult with your stylist for an entirely new look!
  4. Put on some pink lipstick. Pink always brightens a day!
  5. Wear your red high heels just because.  Don’t save your special occasion accessories for special occasions! Wear something amazing every day!
  6. Eat a salad for dinner instead of something that is unhealthy. YOu know you are going to beat yourself up for eating junk anyway, so just skip it!
  7. Invest in good skin care.  When you have a fabulous “canvas,” you have to worry less about wrinkles, dark spots or acne.

StriVectin is a premium skin care brand that gets results. Want fabulous skin? Start with StriVectin!

I received a sample of StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Day Treatment with SPF 30 that I have been testing. It definetly qualifies as “good skin care!”

Did you catch all that? Retinol with SPF! It’s like the perfect pair in skin care! The Retinol works as an anti-aging body guard for you skin (you definitely want it in your corner!). The SPF works to prevent further sun damage that causes aging.

I love the texture of the product. It is creamy but not heavy. The light fragrance is barely noticeable.

Remember, as much as we love to see your heart of gold and inner beauty shine, it never hurts to have fabulous skin care in your life! Give StriVectin-AR a try!

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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.

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