On the Beauty Aisle: 90 Seconds to Skinny [VIDEO]

You didn’t get enough sleep last night, did you? I know how hard it is to keep your life moving forward and get your beauty sleep.

Nearly impossible on most nights….

But, I have found a 90 second solution to helping you look like you had a full 8 hours!

Watch the video to find out my little secret to keeping my eyes looking fresh and awake!


This beauty tech gadget has a multitude of talents… just like you!  It also comes in beautiful packaging and excellent customer service.  90 seconds a day to skinny…

The hot/cold therapy can be put to use in more ways than one! More uses for Skinny Eyes:

  • zits
  • sinus pressure
  • headaches

Your eyes tell your story.  Will you be sharing with the world that you are a vibrant, rested, energetic woman or a tired, worn one?  You decide.  Skinny Eyes can help your “story” have less “puff” if you allow it to.

Learn more about Skinny Eyes Wand and skin care products at SkinnyEyes.com.


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  • Tips and more to help you look your best every day!
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  1. Esther says:

    The skinny wand – have their been any studies done in it? Will it help older people who often have puffy eyes in the morning due to fluid retention.

  2. Tammy Gibson says:

    Hi Esther, Yes, the Skinny Eye Wand is actually designed for that purpose!

  3. Anne says:

    I LOVE it! It’s my next birthday present for certain… or maybe an early birthday present since that’s not coming up till July ;) This was made for me! Seriously! And I’ve been sleeping so badly lately (for the little amount that I get as it is), so I have high hopes for it!

    Have you actually tested it? What were the real results you saw?

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