On the Beauty Aisle: 90 Seconds to Skinny [VIDEO]

You didn’t get enough sleep last night, did you? I know how hard it is to keep your life moving forward and get your beauty sleep.

Nearly impossible on most nights….

But, I have found a 90 second solution to helping you look like you had a full 8 hours!

Watch the video to find out my little secret to keeping my eyes looking fresh and awake!


This beauty tech gadget has a multitude of talents… just like you!  It also comes in beautiful packaging and excellent customer service.  90 seconds a day to skinny…

The hot/cold therapy can be put to use in more ways than one! More uses for Skinny Eyes:

  • zits
  • sinus pressure
  • headaches

Your eyes tell your story.  Will you be sharing with the world that you are a vibrant, rested, energetic woman or a tired, worn one?  You decide.  Skinny Eyes can help your “story” have less “puff” if you allow it to.

Learn more about Skinny Eyes Wand and skin care products at SkinnyEyes.com.


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  1. The skinny wand – have their been any studies done in it? Will it help older people who often have puffy eyes in the morning due to fluid retention.

  2. Hi Esther, Yes, the Skinny Eye Wand is actually designed for that purpose!

  3. I LOVE it! It’s my next birthday present for certain… or maybe an early birthday present since that’s not coming up till July 😉 This was made for me! Seriously! And I’ve been sleeping so badly lately (for the little amount that I get as it is), so I have high hopes for it!

    Have you actually tested it? What were the real results you saw?