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  • Eating too much animal protein actually strips our body of beauty, because digestion of protein produces toxins in the body.
  • Because it takes so long to (digest meat) in that hot environment (the long intestine), it can start to putrefy, or in other words, rot, causing unhealthy bacterial growth and toxicity.
  • Ammonia, which is a breakdown product of a high-flesh-food diet, is directly toxic to the system.  If has been found to create free radical damage and cross-linking (a process associated with skin wrinkles and aging), as well as depletes the body’s energy
  • Keeping our skin wrinkle free and our hair shiny is of little concern to our bodies when our livers are overloaded with waste, our adrenals are exhausted and our intestines are all backed up!

I tell you these facts not to convert you to become a vegetarian but to help you see you need to convert to a primarily plant-based diet.  These facts come from the book The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder.  While I’m only partially done with this book, I’m already convinced that my eating habits need to change.  Sure, my health will improve by doing so but if it can help me look and feel younger, I’m all in! (I kid, I know healthy is top priority!)  Kimberly talks in the book about how our society has turned to expensive creams, fillers, Botox and supplements to help us look younger but, in fact, we need to look inward and take care of the build up of  “sludge” that is causing toxins to be released into our bodies.  These toxins cause all sorts of bad things to occur from disease to low energy and yes, wrinkles.  That word sludge really made an impact on me.  It’s very visual and easy to understand what is going on inside my body!  I’m grossed out by it.  No wonder I have low energy, acne and wrinkles (thankfully, no diseases to report other than a Hashimoto’s thyroiditis).

I’ve made a commitment to myself to follow The Beauty Detox Solution.  My body deserves it and I can’t wait to see the results.  So, I have a bit of grocery shopping to do!  Here’s what’s on my list:

Algae (Chlorella tablets and Spirulina)
Raw Rolled Oat Cereal
Digestive Enzymes
Probiotic Supplement

There are many other items on the Beauty Dextox Solution shopping list, many of which I already have in the house, including gluten-free bread and crackers. I love that this eating plan recommends gluten-free, though if you don’t want to go completely gluten-free reduce intake to three to four times per week. Gluten can cause many health issues that people don’t even realize including migraines, miscarriages, anemia, bloating, eczema and depression!

The Beauty Detox Solution has menu recommendations and the plan is clear so you won’t get confused when trying to follow it. There are recipes, including Kimberly’s famous Glowing Green Juice! There is in-depth information regarding supplements, food pairing and the purpose of each type of food you are including in the meals. I highly recommend you read and follow The Beauty Detox Solution.

Kimberly also encourages the use of natural beauty products, correctly stating that everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. While her expertise is what goes into (and comes out of) our bodies, she did her research by traveling the world for three years. She found that women in Africa, well into their 60’s, had poreless and perfectly moisturized complexions, without a zit or wrinkle! Their secret? Raw shea butter! Kimberly realized that with all Western women are actually suffocating their skin with all the heavy creams, serums and sunscreens. Kimberly adopted natural beauty products to allow her skin to breathe. Her skin is gorgeous…there is something to be said for her argument!

If you are looking to make a switch to “natural” skin care and hair care products, try the new AVEENO line called Active Naturals. These products are made from natural ingredients such as oats, seawead, feverfew, lupine and more to give your skin and hair the best nutrients!

Who is with me? Shall we make 2012 a healthier year and start The Beauty Detox Solution and use good-for-us natural products? I hope you say yes and join me on this journey! I’m not getting (or looking) any younger and it’s time to get serious about my health! Watch for future updates, I’ll let you know how I’m doing with the plan and will look forward to hearing how YOU are doing with it!

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